QuickStick Exclusive: UNH Club Prez Billy Cavanaugh on Ben Clark’s Departure and the The State of Wildcat Lacrosse

Photo Credit: MCLA

Beloved UNH Head Coach Ben Clark is leaving the club after eight years with the club to “pursue other opportunities.” As HC, Clark led the Wildcats to a 34-38 record. He also served as President of the PCLL, a conference comprised mostly of big state schools in the Northeast that really should still have varsity programs. You don’t get to run a big-time conference like that unless you’re running a tight ship at your own program.

To learn more about the Wildcats’ fearless leader, we reached out to Club President Billy Cavanaugh, a senior middie from Braintree, Mass. Here is our exclusive Q&A via Billy C’s DM’s.


Could you just start off by telling me what he was like as a coach?

Clark was more than just a coach – he was also a mentor, someone you go to regarding anything and he’d help in any way he could. Clark has done so much for this program here at UNH.

Club teams need guys like that. Do you know what’s next for Coach Clark?

I don’t.

How about you guys, have you started looking for a replacement yet?

Yes – our assistant coach, Coach Eisman is going to take over. With an assistant coach like Eisman, looking elsewhere for a replacement was out of the question.

How long has he been with the program?

I believe this will be his fifth season. But he played here at UNH back when it was D-I.

Sounds like you’re in a good spot. I appreciate you taking the time. Good luck this year.

Sounds good. Thank you! This is the year for the Wildcats – you can quote me on that.


It’s sad to see one of the good ones like Coach Clark leave the MCLA but I’m sure the future is bright for both him and the UNH club under Eisman. Big shoutout to our new internet friend Billy C for the exclusive and best of luck to UNH this year.


Editor’s Note: Expect more like this as we continue to get this page off the ground. This is how club guys roll: we slide in each other’s DM’s to bring you a unique perspective. 

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