Thirty Seconds to Mars is Back! Lax Music!

You guys catch the VMAs? Me neither but I have been listening to the new single “Walk on Water” from Thirty Seconds to Mars non-stop since they dropped it last week.

These guys just make lax music. Hype rock songs with lyrics that are somewhat related to competition. I remember back in my early lacrosse years listening to “The Kill” and “From Yesterday” to get fired up for my U-13 games. Then ESPNU picked “Closer to the Edge” as their soundtrack to college lacrosse broadcasts for the entire 2010 season. Even though they played the same song every commercial break, it never got old. When it comes to pregame music, I enjoy remixes from the depths of Soundcloud as much as the next guy, but it’s nice to go back to the roots a little with the new single.

ESPN has already claimed “Walk on Water” for this fall’s college football broadcasts, so it might not make it to the U in the spring. But Jared Leto and the boys are set to drop their new album soon (release date TBA), which is sure to be full of great lax jams.

In the name of nostalgia, here are a couple decent highlight videos set to strong tracks. Here’s to more great tunes from our favorite lax band.

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