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the Fight | St. Sebastian’s Lacrosse

The 2017 Independent School League (ISL) champions, St. Sebastian’s School (Needham, MA) just launched their highly anticipated 2017 season documentary. St. Seb’s is one of the predominant lacrosse programs not only in Massachusetts but in New England. Back in high school the Arrows would torch me and my fellow Dragons on an annual basis. (Shout out to the 2015 St. George’s squad who upset them though, people don’t forget that).

Alright, back to the video. Produced by First Scout Productions, the 35-minute film is filled with everything a lacrosse player and fan wants to see. From the high of becoming one of the top teams in the nation, to the struggles of dealing with perseverance both on and off the field. As we all know, the road to a championship is not an easy one, and this inside look on St. Seb’s lacrosse is a must watch. Enjoy!



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