NLL Draft: Buckeyes Flying Off the Shelves!

knighthawks draft

Last Night’s NLL Draft saw an interesting development with the Rochester Knighthawks selecting three (3!) former players from THE Ohio State University, all in the first round.

The ‘Hawks selected faceoff specialist Jake Withers second overall, attackman Austin Shanks fourth and attackman Eric Fannell fifth.

So why the Buckeye bias? No one currently on the staff in Roch Vegas has Ohio State ties. To me, this is more of a microcosm of how the westward expansion programs, like Ohio State and Denver, are doing a great job of recruiting outside of the typical East Coast hotbeds. All three of these boys are from Ontario and they have strong box backgrounds. While Hopkins and ACC schools have been chasing 13-year-olds from Baltimore and Long Island for years, western teams are putting together squads from all over.

(Obligatory mention that OSU’s Jack Jasinski is from Alabama. Drink.)

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled programming: highlights.

Jack Withers: crafty FOGO who needs zero space, could win a draw in a coat closet.

Eric Fannell: Unorthodox game but a certified big hoss.

And Austin Shanks. Sick, dude.

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