A Warm Welcome to the SELC’s new President, Mike Dubbelde

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On Tuesday, the SELC announced that this beaut right here will be the new sheriff in town. Mike Dubbelde is the head coach at Florida Gulf Coast, where he’s posted an impressive 40-14 record. He runs a solid program in Dunk City, so good in fact that they knocked us off on their way to the SELC D-II championship back in ’15.

Under Dubbelde, the Eagles won it again this past May and made their third trip to MCLA Nationals in four years.

Coach Mike is being promoted from his post on the SELC’s board, where he made a great impression on me and Brodes at last year’s annual meeting. He was the one trying to hurry things along when certain discussions got too long-winded, which we all appreciated (we had football to watch).

So here’s to President Dubbelde, may you shred all the red tape in your path and continue getting the SELC those at-large tourney bids we deserve.

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