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YouTube Highlight Reel of the Day: Lloyd deLatour III, 2018 M Greater Atlanta Christian School (GA) – Hartford ’22 Commit

Yup. You read that name right. Lloyd deLatour III from Greater Atlanta Christian School is today’s YouTube Highlight Reel of the Day. Aside from being a tall, rangy midfielder who’s athletic ability looks superior to his competition, Lloyd has all the essentials of becoming a household name in the lacrosse world. Lloyd plays his club ball for LB3, which year in year out is producing DI talent. Liam Banks continues to do big things. 

First, I’m calling this right now, Lloyd will be on at least the 2nd Team All-Name Team when Inside Lacrosse rolls that bad boy his freshman year. Lloyd deLatour III, that name screams lacrosse player. Not to mention he hails from Hot’lanta. Arguably the fastest growing hotbed in lacrosse. I can easily see Carc and Quint tossing endless one-liners about this kid during the 2020 America East Conference Semi-Finals live on ESPNU. Maybe even mentioning the occasional “Lloyd!” Ari Gold Entourage reference.

Second, back to the growth of Atlanta lacrosse, I had never been to the city until the 2014 SELC Tournament, but seriously it is a blossoming lax community. Each year Georgia Tech hosts the SELC Conference Meeting in the fall. The meeting is filled with either hungover club presidents from the night before or coaches that think they run an NCAA program. Shears and I went down last year and had quite the time with our pals on the West Virginia team. S/O Flip Flips, highly recommend it, great place, better frozen drinks.

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