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HROTD: Chriss Morse, 2020 Attack, Phillips Academy Andover (MA)

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and today’s YouTube Highlight Reel of the Day goes to Chriss Morse, a 2020 attackman from Phillips Andover in Massachusetts. Chriss is a complete jitterbug back at X. He’s shifty and able to slip by defenders with a lethal first step or turning a quick corner at GLE. A smaller player, Chriss is able to use his size and speed to his advantage when looking to get underneath his opposition. A product of the 3D New England system, a program with a lot of box emphasis, Chriss has phenomenal stick skills and awareness in tight. Although he is certainly a shoot-first player, his awareness to see the open man backside or cutter on the crease when initiating is very impressive.

Chriss saw varsity minutes this past spring at Andover and I’d be shocked if he doesn’t start his remaining three years at the rate he’s progressing.

Something also needs to be said about his choice of music for this highlight reel. Boulevard of Broken Dreams, like are you kidding me? What a selection. I know kids these days are trying to mix it up from EDM. I’ve heard the Spongebob Goofy Goober song (shoutout Madsen twins), The Who, and other classic rock. But kuddos to Chriss for bringing back the teenage angst in all of us.

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