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HROTD: Anders Orr, 2019 D, Groton School (MA)

In today’s Highlight Reel of the Day we’re spotlighting Anders Orr, a 2019 defenseman from The Groton School (MA). Derrrs, maybe he’s known as that but s/o Workaholics. Nonetheless, Orr had successful spring and summer 2017 seasons, starting on a Groton team in the always competitive ISL. Second time this week, I’m featuring a player from a rival high school of mine, c’mon St. George’s where are the reels?

Anders is a skilled defender who’s game is signified by his patience. He wont always strip his attackman with a lethal takeaway check, but his ability to match body and knowledge of when’s appropriate to slide or be passive is top tier. He’s extremely athletic and good off the surface on GB’s, allowing him to be an asset in transition. Although it’s not a stat in lacrosse, the importance of the hockey assist is not forgotten.

He’s a MidWest kid who’s taken his lacrosse talents, and academics (Groton is a Kick A** school) to the east coast and is sneakily building a roster of future NCAA lacrosse players. Anders plays his club ball for True State Illinois and Titanium Lacrosse.

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