HROTD: Jack Murdock, 2019 A, Westminster School (CT)

Happy Monday! Said nobody ever… but at least we’re back on the HROTD grind. Fall Ball has ended and highlight reels are getting uploaded to YouTube every minute it seems. Today we’re featuring Jack Murdock, a 2019 attackman from Westminster School in Simsbury, CT. Murdock is a lefty with hands as smooth as butter. Don’t tell him he’s undersized because he’ll burn you with his speed and stick skills. You can almost see a bit of Canadian Box in his game with his awareness up close. Something that doesn’t shock me given the influx of Canadians Westminster has brought in over the years. For those who live under a rock, Westy is a perennial contender in the Founders League and NE West I. I expect Jack to be a major contributor for the Martlets this spring. Jack plays his club ball for 3D Tri-State.

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