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HROTD: Tucker Slattery, 2020 M, Brunswick School (CT)

Today’s YouTube Highlight Reel of the Day goes to Tucker Slattery, a 2020 midfielder from the Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT. Tucker is a tall, big midfielder who uses his strength to his advantage, especially when dodging north south. He’s a threat from the outside and has a great lacrosse IQ. Being alert on the crease, and aware of when his defender is ball watching, Tucker finds himself open off backdoor cuts and easily takes advantage.

Tucker plays his club ball for national power PrimeTime out of Westchester, NY. Over the past few seasons, Brunswick has established their program as a household name in the nation top polls and this season the Bruins expect nothing less than a potential national championship. Hopefully Tucker can break through and contribute, worst case he’ll have to wait his turn, as several top prospects do in systems as deep as ‘Wick’s.

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