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Cinema Sunday: Boys’ Latin Lacrosse | Sights and Sounds

Lacrosse season is around the corner and to get you amped, each Sunday we’ll be featuring a hype video, that not only is great lacrosse, but amazing cinematography. To kick things off, we’ve got “Sights and Sounds | Boys’ Latin Lacrosse” by Winston Chodnicki. Winston is one of two pretty notable BL YouTubers on the web and he is truly a wizard with both the camera and his editing skills. What I love about this film, is the music choice and syncing of the lyrics to the lacrosse play. Every kid tries to time a drop to their best goal, trust me, I watch a lot of highlight reels, but this is unlike anything else. It’s almost emotional and gets the viewer to just want to play lacrosse. Keep it up Winston, great work and I’m excited to see what content you produce going forward.

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