Lacrosse Hotbed Power Rankings: Food


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Welcome to our newest segment: Lacrosse Hotbed Power Rankings, where we rank the hottest regions of our game on everything but their lacrosse talent. Here is where your regions rank in…


13. West Coast


To some it’s the best coast, but on here, it’s last. It’s hard to think of a signature food for California, Oregon and Washington State, which can partly be attributed to the size of the region. I apologize to the talented youngsters coming out of SoCal, Marin County, Bellevue, WA and the rest of you out there, because you guys can ball. There are many reasons to visit the West Coast, but their food isn’t at the top of the list.

12. Upstate


The first thing that comes to mind is Buffalo and its famous wings. But while other regions cling to the claim to do their one thing the best (like Maryland crabs or NY bagels, which we’ll get to), Upstate NY doesn’t have a stranglehold on the wings game. You can get a great plate of buffalo wings in any city. Sorry guys, but that lands you near the bottom of this list.

11. New England


I know I’ve already angered the Massholes by not giving them their own hotbed so might as well double down. Two things come to mind in New England. The first is clam chowder, which is fine. The second is Vermont maple syrup, which is incredible, but a breakfast condiment can’t carry a whole region. The best thing they have going is a Dunkin Donuts on every corner.

10. Midwest


The heartburn capital of the world checks in at the ten slot. Skyline Chili comes to mind, along with Wisconsin cheese and Chicago’s passion for sausage. All good things. Lax is on the rise in the heartland, especially in Minnesota and the suburbs of Chicago and Cleveland. Enjoy some hearty food with the kind folks of the Midwest, just make sure you keep the TUMS on deck.

9. Canada


From an entire country worth of food options, only one sticks out: poutine. This strange combination of french fries, chesse curds and gravy is heavenly and it has fueled UNC’s Chris Cloutier to some of the greatest highlights we’ve ever seen in lacrosse.

8. New Jersey


Dirty Jersey takes the ocho. They’re strong in the competitive fields of bagels and subs, but their underrated strength is boardwalk food on the shore. The first fried Oreo I ever had was in OCNJ and it was life-changing. They’ve got cheese fries, cotton candy, corndogs, you name it. Delicious.

7. Fairfield and Westchester Counties


The next ones on our list to claim bagels and subs are these two lovely suburbs of New York City. You can find a great grinder or a bacon, egg and cheese all over the area. Only hitch is it’s a little pricey. Also, Pepe’s, New Haven’s legendary pizza joint, is a short drive away.

6. DC


It’s hard to place a finger on the Capital City’s signature delicacy. Real homers will tell you it’s wings with mumbo sauce, a local original. But DC’s real strength is that you can get any kind of food you want and it’ll be real good. Nobody here is from here, which is an advantage. Authentic Thai, Korean, Ethiopian or Salvadoran cuisine? We’ve got it all. Plus we’re close enough to the Bay for fresh seafood. #DCRising.

5. Philly


Philadelphia is obviously known for cheesesteaks. But their hoagie game as a whole is not to be slept on. There’s a great little pocket of Italian heritage and really solid grub for reasonable prices all around.

4. Baltimore


CRABS BABY. You haven’t lived until you’ve sat down with a group of good pals, a heap of blue crabs and a case of Natty Bo and gone to battle. You will stain your shirt. You will be miserably full. You will get little cuts on your fingers that get filled with Old Bay and sting like hell. And you will love every minute of it.

3. Southeast


Since we’re talking messy foods, let’s talk BBQ. We went to school in North Carolina so we know all about it. Pulled pork and ribs and brisket, oh my! Plus there are like six different styles of BBQ throughout the South to explore. Oowee.

2. Southwest


Here we’re counting Texas and Colorado: the beef belt. With the proud tradition of cattle ranching out there, you know your steak or brisket or burger will be fresh and delicious. And Tex-Mex food straight from the source can’t be beat.

1. Long Island


Kings stay kings. The most concentrated hotbed has everything. Delicious heroes, including chicken cutlet subs. Bagels. Italian mothers who will feed your whole team chicken parm and spaghetti and meatballs until you beg for mercy. Congrats, LI, you take the cake.


Did we get it right? hit us up on Twitter @quickstickblog. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re done eating.

2 comments on “Lacrosse Hotbed Power Rankings: Food

  1. Baltimore getting the snub at the 4 spot considering it is THE biggest lacrosse hit bed in the entire country, but at least you tossed it in the top 5 or else all credibility would have been lost to this website


    • We’re only talking food! If we’re recruiting players, Baltimore’s up higher but today we’re just ordering lunch.


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