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HROTD: Jack Butcher, 2020 A, Christchurch School (VA)

With our top foodie lacrosse hotbeds list hot in the streets, what better to follow it up with a highlight reel of the day featuring Jack Butcher. Jack is a 2020 attackman from the Christchurch School in Virginia. Jack is a small shifty attackman, a player after my own heart, who has a fantastic lacrosse IQ and a very fundamentally sound skill-set. Jack makes the most of his chances and nearly always cashes in. Whether that be in transition or noticing he’s matched up against a shorty or slower pole. When dodging, he’s able to use his smaller frame to his advantage and get underneath his opposition.

Jack plays his club ball for Amped Lacrosse and had an impressive fall circuit, earning a write up at the second session of the Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Invitational. I’m excited to see what Jack does this spring on a Christchurch team looking to rebound after a 6-11 season in 2017.

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