Lacrosse Hotbed Power Rankings: Vacation Spots

Continuing our newest segment: Lacrosse Hotbed Power Rankings, where we rank the hottest regions of our game on everything but their lacrosse talent. Here is where your regions rank in… Vacation Spots 

13. Fairfield County (CT) / Westchester County (NY) 


Being from this area, it’s easy to say there’s really nothing to do here. It’s a beautiful place to raise a family and close to NYC for the commuting grind. Aside from that, take a stroll down some windy roads and go house hunting for when you’re raking in 200k annually but have 3 kids preventing you from going to the weekly men’s league at Chelsea Piers Stamford.

12. Upstate New York


RochVegas is the mecca and a really gritty city, and going to catch a game at the Carrier Dome would be pretty cool. The Adirondacks are great for nature enthusiasts but nobody out there plays lacrosse. If you find yourself at Lake Placid, visit the Olympic Center if you believe in Miracles. There’s a couple big lakes and quality ski resorts worth checking out too. Otherwise, move on.

11. Canada


I understand Canada is massive and Vancouver is a different world than Nova Scotia, but aside from some decent skiing, a passport stamp and nice people, nobody really needs to go up there. The 6 is overrated, just like new Drake. Montreal is cool if you’re 18 in the US and want to get your drinking on. St. Lawrence kids you know what I’m talking about. Hockey and Box Lacrosse enthusiast can scout some future talent if you’d like and maybe grab a couple Molson’s at the bar after.

10. Baltimore


Charm City, oh what a place. A couple years ago Baltimore was literally a war zone, heck the Orioles played a game with no fans allowed. Gang violence and lacrosse, that’s what Maryland does! The inner harbor is cool, Paul Rabil once chucked a ball across it. You’ll probably catch Eamon McAnaney running right down Charles Street and Quint realizing parody in lacrosse has hurt Hopkins’ pedigree. I’m going to include the Eastern Shores of MD in this piece. It’s actually pretty area and the Chesapeake Bay is a pretty elite place to own a vacation home, sup Easton, MD. The Ocean City lax tourney is world renowned event, but don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time, right Matt Barrett?

9. Philly


If you’re from anywhere north of Virginia, you likely went on a middle school field trip to Philly for historical purposes. Trust me, you don’t need to go back. The Liberty Bell is a landmark and running the steps like Rocky might give you an adrenaline rush. In the end, if you haven’t been to Philly, go for the history, it’s almost mandatory as an American. Also the Final Four seems to be held at The Link a couple times each decade, so obviously go for that.

8. Washington D.C. 


Similarly to Philly, you also probably went to DC on a middle school field trip too. Museums are free and the monuments are always worth checking out. Weather wise, DC is a crap shoot. It’s not cold enough in the winter for snow, so you’re bearing sleet/icy rain for a couple months and the traffic is horrific. Georgetown is a scenic area, grab a cupcake while in town, and the Potomac is actually quite lovely. Go to DC for the history and educational experiences.

7. MidWest


The MidWest is surprisingly high on my list because it covers such a large area. Chicago is a great city, definitely take a picture by the Bean. It’s an awesome sports town too and Lake Michigan in the summer is like going to the beach. Minnesota has the Mall of America and thousands of lakes. St. Louis is the gateway to the west and home of Anheuser-Busch. Indiana has Indianapolis, which seems to host the Super Bowl every 5 years and a trip to South Bend to see the Fighting Irish is a must on a sports fan’s bucket list.

6. New Jersey


Shears had this cardboard poster a kid sailing a 420 and the caption was “New Jersey and You.” Just for that Dirty Jers is 6 on the list. The Garden State actually has a fantastic coastline which people from all over flock to for some godforsaken reason. The Shore gets a bad rap because of the reality shows, but there are nice areas. Plenty of people love Avalon and if you’re a gambling man, Atlantic City is the place to be. Don’t stay too long or you’ll end up with a tattoo or too many GTL tanks (Gym, Tan, Lax). Boardwalks have been rebuild after Hurricane Sandy. Local economy is thriving!

5. Long Island


My favorite FLID frequents Fire Island, I swear he’s not gay. Nonetheless, LI is up this high mainly because of the Hamptons. The Hamptons are the vacation land of America’s elite. The money out there is straight up stupid and during the day there’s a bunch do as well. Drive out to Montauk or post up at Coopers Beach in Southampton. Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett is a fun, waspy dive bar and in 2018 the US Open is headed to Shinnecock. The only complaint about the Hamptons is the traffic and inflated prices for just about everything. Otherwise, find yourself a buddy with some old money and have a weekend or two. Girls on Instagram will be impressed you frequent “The Hamptons.”

4. New England


New England is only up this high because of the four seasons aspect. During the summer the beaches are bustling, but the water is cold until late August, just in time for school to start. Newport, Cape Cod, and South Maine are the places to be. When the calendar changes to fall, New England has arguably the best foliage in the country. Once it gets even colder head up to VT, NH and Maine for some bEast Coast skiing. The spring is kinda lousy, it’s a rough allergy season up there and mother nature cant decide what season it is until early May. As a NY sports fan it hurts to admit that Boston is a great city. There’s history, quality shopping, and passionate sports.

3. Southwest 


Probably the largest region in our rankings. This goes from Colorado to Texas to Arizona. So understandably there’s a crap ton to do. Texas is like a damn foreign country. Awesome food and it’s almost always warm. Colorado is an outdoor sportsman’s dream. Ski, fly fish, hike, you name it. The Grand Canyon and the deserts are worth visiting before you die. You can watch National Lampoon’s Vacation as many times as you want but nothing beats the view in person. Arizona has some of the best golf in the country too. Smack in the middle of all of this is Vegas baby. Vegas isn’t what it used to be but what happens in Vegas, stays in vegas. Except for herpes, that sh*t’ll come back with you.

2. Southeast 


Some people think that Florida is just one large retirement home, and in most places it is. Driving around Boca Raton and Jupiter, you’re destined to find 70 year olds driving in Bentleys in enclosed golf communities. Go an hour south and you’re basically in Latin America, aka Miami. I’ve never been to Miami and to be honest, I don’t need to go, but it looks pretty wild. South Beach penthouses, Ultra Music Festival, and The U. The U, seems like an awesome place to go to school tbh. Great education and even hotter girls. Florida of course has amazing beaches. It’s hard to compare the Atlantic and Gulf sides, but I’m biased towards the Gulf. Florida’s panhandle is basically the Cape Cod of Alabama and spring break country. That doesn’t say much but as someone who oddly enough frequents that part of the country, it’s deceptively scenic and there’s a lot to do. Outside of Florida, I’m gonna mention Savannah, Charleston, and Hilton Head as must visit locations as well.

1. West Coast


Is there even an argument? In a single day in LA you can wake up, surf, then head to the links and play 9 holes of golf, and spend the afternoon skiing. Find me another place in the country you can do that. You cant. I’ve never been to Cali but I’m eager to get out there. Beaches, golf, slopes, Hollywood and a mediocre sports town, what else could one want. As an Entourage and The OC enthusiast I pretty much envision California as the world of opportunity. Also lacrosse is booming across the state as well which makes it even more attractive. Head north to the Bay Area and you’ll find cant miss views of the Pacific and endless vineyards. Head even further north to the Pacific Northwest and you’re in arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Nobody even has a real reason to go out there, which makes it’s natural presence so pristine.

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  1. Baltimore is working on the gang issue. #BMORE on the come up

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