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HROTD: Hayden Leachman, 2019 M, Marin Catholic (CA)

Today’s QuickStick Highlight Reel of the Day hails from the Bay Area. Hayden Leachman is a 2019 midfielder from Marin Catholic (California). Hayden is a strong, left handed midfielder who is excellent at dodging north/south. A pure athlete, Hayden is able to gain separation and confidently unleash a variety of shots on the run. Leachman has a high lacrosse IQ, which is evident in his off-ball awareness. Popping off a two man game and being alert on the crease, he can catch his defenders napping and will capitalize. Not to mention he’s an absolute weapon with time and room.

I’m excited to see Hayden take the next step at Marin Catholic this spring. As a key member of the varsity team in 2017, he’ll be looked upon to lead the Wildcats as they continue to become one of the premier programs in NoCal. Hayden plays his club ball for Booth Lacrosse.

Editor Note: Shears and I had a teammate at Elon who played at Marin Catholic. T Breezy talked a big game about them. Also never hesitated to mention he graduated with Jared Goff. 

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