QuickStick Q&A: Bucknell’s Jarett Witzal

We hit up Jarett Witzal, a junior face-off specialist for Bucknell University, to preview the season and shoot the breeze. The Landon and VLC product has been the Bison’s go-to guy at the X since his freshman season and he’s ready to add another chapter to his impressive career in 2018.
How is the team looking so far? What’s the atmosphere like around Bucknell Lacrosse right now?
Right now the team is looking very good.  We have a lot of veterans all over the field.  We are returning starters at attack, defense, midfield, and in goal, and have brought in some very good freshman who are going to make some noise this year.  Some freshman to look out for are Tommy Sopko, Brendan Egan, Bryant Boswell, and Nick Clarke.
The atmosphere around Bucknell Lacrosse is electric right now.  Honestly the boys are vibing, we are attacking every day like it is our last.  This preseason we completed The Program with the Navy Seals, and it really opened a lot of our eyes. I think everybody took something away from that they will remember for the rest of their life.  I think the biggest thing our team took away is that we must “accomplish the mission.”  Every lift and practice is not going to be the most fun thing in the world, but you need to attack it because this team has a mission that must be accomplished.
The Patriot League has four top 20-ranked teams this year (IL Faceoff Yearbook). Make the case for why Bucknell is a dark horse to contend for the title.
I do think we are the dark horse of the league this year.  Since we were 5-8 last year and missed the playoffs, I think everyone is not thinking much of us, which is something we are taking to heart.  I believe this is one of the best teams Bucknell Lacrosse has ever had. We are returning a majority of our starters and have depth at every position.
You guys had some really bright spots against Loyola and BU last year. What went right in those games and what do you need to do this year to maintain that level of play consistently?
I think we just need to attack every day like our last.  Those weeks of Loyola and BU we really were dialed in, and had some really good practice.  I think if we treat every game like it’s the National Championship we will have a very good year.
Toughest matchup you’ve ever faced?
Brady Dove (Navy Fogo)
Favorite lacrosse memory?
Winning the IAC championship my senior year at the Landon School.
Least favorite practice drill?
Anything that doesn’t involve faceoffs
What was your first stick?
Brine edge factory strung
Who’s the funniest guy on your team?
Marshall Dickson-kid is a clown #habits #and #facts
Favorite non-lacrosse activity you do with your teammates?
Playing Fortnite on Xbox One with the A Team (Marshall Dickson, Alec Talarico, Ryan Durkin, and Joey Altemus).  We have 4 victory royales and we are not done yet.
Favorite sport to watch beside lacrosse?
Who was your favorite athlete when you were a kid?
Ricky Williams
Favorite place to eat in Lewisburg?
Fuji Hibachi Steakhouse if I am really treating myself.

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