White Facemasks: Fad or Rad?

Let’s paint a picture. It’s 2014. You’ve just gotten back to campus for those awesome few days in late August before classes start up. You’re sitting around with your club teammates, playing Chel ’15 and farting. Your buddy breaks the lull in the conversation to ask “what should our helmets look like this year?” Without missing a beat you go “OOH how about matte grey?”

Image result for south carolina lacrosse

Matte grey helmets turned out to be a flash in the pan. No one really wears them anymore unless grey is in their color scheme. They were tough when they came out but turned out just to be a fad. Now it’s 2018 and the new trend in helmets is matte white cages. They look sick. They go well with colored or white helmets and just look clean. And according to a Warrior rep I talked to recently they don’t chip at all.

But this trend begs the question: are they here to stay? Or will they fade out just like matte grey did? We want to hear from you guys. Check out the polls on our Twitter and Instagram story and sound off.

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