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HROTD: Jake Surette, 2019 A, St. John’s Prep (Danvers, MA)

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s Highlight Reel of the Day is coming to you from north of Boston, with Jake Surette, a 2019 attackman who plays at St. John’s Prep aka “The Prep” in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Jake is shifty attackman who’s capable from initiating in all corners of the offensive zone. His two-dimensional style of play allows him to quarterback an offense. He’s always a threat to take it to the rack when initiating but also has the awareness to recognize an incoming slide and the vision to dump off to the backside or skip the ball up top for a time and room step down. Surette is naturally right-handed attackman but its equally as effective with his off hand. This balanced skill set will prove dividends as he continues the recruiting circuit and eventually landing on a college roster.

Surette looks to be a major contributor this spring for “The Prep” as the program looks to bounce back after an 8-10 campaign in 2017 and return to their days as one of the most dominant programs in Massachusetts. Jake plays his club ball for the New England Twisters.

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