The Legend of John Kluh

John Kluh came to Villanova in the fall of 2012 and on February 3rd, 2018 he may have had his biggest moment as a Wildcat. Today Kluh scored the game-winning goal in overtime as the ‘Cats knocked off #11 Penn State on the road. For Kluh and his teammates, it’s a great way to kick off the 2018 campaign, but for Kluh personally, this one means a lot.

Kluh is listed as 5′ 4”, 140lb. Simply put, he’s small but boy is he electric. His freshman year he burst onto the scene after a successful high school career at St. Mary’s (Annapolis, MD). He finished the year with 26 points, fourth best on the team and was named First-Team All-Big East. His play was personified by his tenacity and shiftiness. His split dodge consistently puts the opposition on skates and as you watch small #1 glide down the alley, he’s able to unleash powerful shots that few would expect someone of that stature to be able to do. His moves leave Quint and Carc running out of adjectives to describe agility, shiftiness, and speed.

Video Credit – Lacrosse Film Room

The sky was the limit for Kluh, but injuries prevented him from playing in both 2014 and 2015, granting him two medical redshirts. He made his return in 2016, seeing meaningful minutes but production wise registered 9 points. Kluh could have walked away from lacrosse after that season, leaving Villanova with his graduating class. However, with two years of eligibility left and a lot more to prove, Kluh stayed put and boy is ‘Nova happy. In 2017 he started every game for the Wildcats, scoring 15 points and over time you began to see the spark and electrifying play that he exercised back in 2013. Now it’s 2018. “Kluh’s Final Ride,” and well, it’s safe to say it has started off on the highest of notes. The entire lacrosse world is excited to see what #1 will do the rest of the season.

I highly recommend watching this CBS Sports piece on Kluh. Kid’s got the heart of a warrior.

Note: John Kluh may be the only college lacrosse player to ever wear 3 generations of cascade helmets…


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