QuickStick Q&A: Northeastern’s Cory MacDonald

In our latest QuickStick Q&A, we spoke with Cory MacDonald, a sophomore LSM/D from Wilton, CT who plays for Northeastern’s MCLA program. 2017 was a breakout year for the Huskies as they won the PCLL to clinch a bid to the MCLA National Tournament. Their success last season has them with big aspirations in 2018. Ranked #16 in the Pre-Season polls, the Huskies not only believe they’re capable of making it to Salt Lake City but they “know” they can. Cory saw quality minutes as a freshman and is expected to be a key member of a Northeastern squad with a wealth of returning talent.

2017 was arguably the best year in Northeastern Lacrosse program history, resulting in a PCLL title and a trip to the National Tournament. Make the case for why your team could go deep in the postseason once again in 2018. (conference or national).

I think the case for us going deep actually has a lot to do with our success last year and the fact that we have a ton of our guys from that team returning. We have our entire starting defense, most of our offensive weapons and guys like Chris McParland and Billy McGinley, who I think are strong candidates for All-American. We’re not a team that hasn’t done anything anymore. We have the experience, we have the depth, and we have the top-tier talent.


What is your favorite part about playing MCLA Lacrosse? 

The best part about MCLA Lacrosse is that everyone playing wants to play and everyone is dedicated. No one in the league is obligated to play, most weren’t recruited like DI or DIII lacrosse players. MCLA players play because they love the sport, and don’t want to stop once high school careers end. That shows in the competitiveness of the games, for sure.


What game is everyone most looking forward to this season?  

I think the obvious one everyone has circled on the schedule is the game against Georgia Tech down in Atlanta. They’re a top 5 team and a real chance to shine on the national stage. The game I’m looking forward to most though is definitely Virginia Tech. Last year we played them really, really tough and ended up losing 9-8. It was when we realized last year that we had a chance to be really good, and I think beating them this year brings that full circle.


Any newcomers to keep an eye out for this season or older players who have “waited their turn” and are ready to break out? 

Definitely Mark Nevins. He’s a freshman attackman out of Medfield, Mass. with insane control of the ball. He’s going to be a beast.


Toughest matchup you’ve ever faced? (can be team matchup, or personal in college or HS)

The toughest matchup would probably have to be my high school teammate Harrison Bardwell who now plays at Cornell. He is just so wicked quick, can split left or right. He was just filthy.


Favorite lacrosse memory?

Honestly, it could be last year’s conference championship, but one a little further back was seventh grade. Our team competed in Division B of the CONNY lacrosse tournament and ended up winning it. It was the first year after I had switched to defense and just looking back, so many of the guys on that team became my closest friends throughout high school and even today.


Who’s the funniest guy in your locker room/team?

We just have a ton of characters on the team. Chris McP can be pretty outlandish, which is usually hilarious.


Favorite non-lacrosse activity to do with your teammates?

It doesn’t get too warm that often in Boston, but when it does, just getting out there and playing some pick-up, usually basketball, but we through baseball in there once in a while.


What’s your go-to pump-up song? 

I’ve never been a pump-up song guy. I actually love taking naps on the way to games. However, “Where You Are” by Sammy Adams is pretty hype though.


Who was your favorite athlete when you were a kid?

It’s hard to name a player on the ‘00s Yankees that wasn’t my favorite player. Derek Jeter was my guy though.

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