QuickStick Q&A: BYU’s Tanner Johnson

In our latest installment of QuickStick Q&A’s, we caught up with BYU senior midfielder and team captain Tanner Johnson. Tanner hails from Chaska, Minnesota and will graduate this spring with a degree in business management. BYU is a perennial contender in the MCLA and once again expectations are high for the boys from Provo. Tanner is coming off a 45 point season in 2017 and is looking to lead the Cougars to deep runs in the RMLC and MLCA tournaments.
For years BYU has been a staple program in the MCLA, what do you think are the key reasons why your team is in the running for a national title each season?  
BYU has a lacrosse program that kids naturally want to play for. Along with that, the team is able to pull top talent from people around the country to help make the program stronger each year. Having a great coaching staff & a solid group of leaders makes it easy to know which direction we are going. I feel like we are in a position to put the best product on the field each day.
What is your favorite part about playing MCLA Lacrosse? 
The MCLA is a fun league to play in because everyone playing simply loves the game. More than 90% of the kids playing have to pay their way, which shows how dedicated people are to having fun. It’s also very competitive and organized.
What game is everyone most looking forward to this season?  
Every year we look forward to playing Colorado & Colorado State. Both programs are great and we love to compete against them. We haven’t beaten them in regular season play for a long time now.
Toughest matchup you’ve ever faced? (can be team matchup, or personal in college or HS)
Chapman does a great job preparing against us. They were a tough matchup last year.
Favorite lacrosse memory?
Winning the RMLC championship in 2016
Who’s the funniest guy in your locker room/team?
Man, our team has a couple of characters. Nic Nesser killed it in freshman jokes last year. Tyler Clancy does stand up comedy on the side. Jack Varvel has no filter. They all do a pretty good job at making me laugh.
Favorite non-lacrosse activity to do with your teammates? 
The boys will occasionally go to the shredpiece and do a little classic skating.
Least favorite practice drill? 
“Jumbo”. It’s our full field build-up drill. It mostly sucks because I’m out of shape.
What’s your go-to pump-up song? 
Electric Avenue
Chipotle or Qdoba? 
Who was your favorite athlete when you were a kid?
Winston Farley
Photo Credits to Utah Lacrosse News.

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