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Bingo! Kickin’ it w/ QuickStick

And Bingo was his name O! Right? Anyhow, last Friday we took part in the first ever #HappyHourLacrosse and boy was it something. The ESPN Trio of Anish, Carc, and Quint put together a Bingo Board Drinking Game where fans watching the Duke vs. Denver game would play along as the trio dropped their infamous one-liners and trademarked catchphrases. In the hours leading up to the anticipated, inaugural event, Anish expressed his concerns about our plan but lone behold we made it out in flying colors.

With Shears and I located in D.C. and NYC respectively, in order to partake together, we had to improvise. Insert Google Hangouts. Myself, Shears, and two of our friends and former Elon teammates (located in Charlotte and Winston Salem) video conferenced together as we watched an instant classic and kicked off our Friday evening on a great note! We streamed our Google Hangout session live on YouTube and a number of viewers watched us analyze and drink as the game went on.

In case you missed our live action, we condensed our best moments (and times of best internet connection*) below. We plan on doing several more YouTube Live Hangouts throughout the spring, and thus “Kickin’ it w/ QuickStick” has been born.

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