QuickStick Q&A: UCONN’s Nick Harper

In our latest installment of QuickStick Q&A’s, we caught up with UCONN’s Nick Harper. #17 for the Huskies is a senior midfielder who hails from Southbury, CT. Harper gets it done both on and off the field, as he’ll graduate this spring with a degree in Quantitative Economics. UCONN is coming off a very solid 2017 campaign where they took down perennial MCLA programs Davenport and Liberty but in the end, the Huskies came up short of their goal of winning the PCLL. With strong senior leadership and talented underclassmen, the Huskies have their sights set on a trip to Salt Lake City come May.

The UCONN Men’s Lacrosse Team is one that several lacrosse fans speculate could be one of the next to go DI, does that change your mentality as a team? Put pressure on you? 

Of course it changes our mentality as a team. With all of the lacrosse community discussing the future of UConn Lacrosse we feel that it is our job to represent our school well and compete at our highest level. The coaches and team would love to see UConn gain a D1 program because we believe in the local talent that New England has. Until then, we are going to be a top force in the MCLA.


Make the case for why your team could go deep in the postseason (conference or national).

Our team is set up for a run in the postseason because of the depth that we have on our roster. Replacing 6 starting seniors was no easy task but our team is ready for a great season. We will have strong competition in the PCLL this year but the 14 seniors on this team are ready for a long fight.


What is your favorite part about playing MCLA Lacrosse? 

My favorite part about playing MCLA lacrosse is the bond I have formed with my teammates. Living in small town Storrs Connecticut can be boring at times but it is the team bond that makes this the best college experience.


What game is everyone most looking forward to this season?  

This season we are looking forward to a weekend trip to Delaware as well as our home game against Boston College. Both games will be great competition that will show the MCLA we are hungry this season.


Toughest matchup you’ve ever faced? (can be team matchup, or personal in college or HS)

The toughest matchup as a team that we have faced while I have been at UConn was last season against Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech was currently number 1 in the MCLA and it took everything from our team to compete in that game. Being ahead at half was huge for our team but unfortunately we fell short in the end. It was an amazing match up to be apart of and was a true test of our team’s talent and effort.


Favorite lacrosse memory?

I don’t think I can point to one memory but my favorite times tend to be the bus rides with the team.


Who’s the funniest guy in your locker room/team?

When asked this question anyone on our team would be quick to answer that it’s Jack Templeton.


What’s your go-to pump-up song? 

Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver.


If you played another sport, what would it be?

Football, most likely NFL kicker.


If you had one last meal to eat, what would it be?

Easy; Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese.


Who was your favorite athlete when you were a kid?

Tom Brady was and still is my favorite athlete. You cant knock greatness like that.

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