QuickStick Q&A: Simon Fraser’s Mackenzie Terrio

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After a brief hiatus, QuickStick Q&A is back and most recently we caught up with Simon Fraser’s Mackenzie Terrio. Mackenzie is a senior defenseman who hails from High River, Alberta. For those who do not know, Simon Fraser is the only Canadian team in the MCLA. The Clan are currently ranked in #23 in the country and are bound to go up in the polls this week. Last season Mackenzie earned 1st Team All-Conference and Honorable Mention All-American Honors. Sitting at 4-1, Terrio is anchoring the Clan’s defensive unit as they continue their pursuit to Salk Lake City for the MCLA National Tournament.

Being the only Canadian team in the MCLA, would you consider it a disadvantage having to travel so far for conference games? 

Eventually traveling so much can take an additional toll on your body and in that aspect it can be a disadvantage but most of the time the long bus rides are a good opportunity to get to know your teammates a little better.

What is your favorite part about playing MCLA Lacrosse?

For me, it’s getting to be able to stay in Canada while getting to play against all the big schools down in the states.

Do most of the guys on the team have a strong box background?   

As far as I know, most of the guys on the team have been playing box since they were little kids and the majority of those guys have continued to play to this day.

Toughest matchup you’ve ever faced? (can be team matchup, or personal in college or HS)

I think one of the toughest team matchups I’ve played would be BYU. I’ve played them every year since coming to SFU and they have consistently produced a highly competitive and well-balanced team.

Favorite lacrosse memory?

My favourite lacrosse memory, for university at least, would have to be beating Boise State in overtime in my freshman year. Having all of your friends storm the field after a win like that is a pretty unique feeling.

Who’s the funniest guy in your locker room/team?

The funniest guy on our team would have to be our senior d-pole Michael Vandenbossche. No matter what time of day it is he always making people laugh with a weird story or reference that gives you no choice but to laugh.

Favorite non-lacrosse activity to do with your teammates? 

Favourite non-lacrosse activity to do with the boys would have to be getting a good game of slow pitch going when the rain finally stops for a bit.

Least favorite practice drill? 

Shuttle drills are my least favourite drill, its something that everyone’s done since they were a kid and its a fundamental part of the game but its also something that I would be perfectly ok with never having to do again.


What’s your go-to pump-up song? 

I know Theres Gonna Be, by Young Thug, Jamie XX and popcaan

Where are you jumping to in Fortnite?  

Jumping in as far away form tilted towers as possible, more of a hide till the end kind of player.

What’s your favorite movie?

Lone Survivor

Who was your favorite athlete when you were a kid?

Jarome Iginla

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