QuickStick Q&A: St. John’s Brian Quick

bquickIn our latest installment of QuickStick Q&A’s we caught up with St. John’s Brian Quick. Brian hails from Norwalk, CT and is the son of Tri-State Area high school sports media icon Mike Quick. “Put a face on it!” Brian had a unique path to St. John’s as he wasn’t recruited to play for the Red Storm until his senior year. Playing at Norwalk High School in the daunted FCIAC, Quick proved to be battle-tested and ready for Division I lacrosse. Now a sophomore, Quick is a part of a Red Storm team that is surprising many in the early in the season and looks to compete for a Big East title. “Let’s get it on!”

St. John’s is turning some heads in the early going, what do you think will be key for you guys to make a run in the Big East?

Continue to stay in the moment. We have had success early on this season, but we can’t get ahead of ourselves. Once Big East play starts, records get wiped away and it’s a matter of taking it one play at a time.

Favorite part about playing lacrosse at St. John’s?

My favorite part about playing for St. John’s are the opportunities we’re given. Every week we get to go against some of the best teams in the country on the field. Off the field, being 15 minutes from Manhattan in Queens, we have great networking opportunities for life after college.

Toughest matchup you’ve ever faced? (can be team matchup, or personal in college or HS)

In High School playing in the FCIAC in Connecticut, every game I would see shots from the best shooters and teams in the country. It made it tough but definitely prepared me for Division 1 Lacrosse.

Who’s the funniest guy in your locker room/team?

#7 Danny Colligan from Greenwich. Kid never fails to light up a room.

Least favorite practice drill? 

4 lines to a shot. You have to shooters in the alleys and from up top step down shooting. Won’t leave the full without a bruise or two.

When did you start playing lacrosse and what made you choose goalie?

Started playing when I was 8. When I was 10, our team needed a goalie and I went for it and stuck with the position ever since.

Favorite bus movie?


Where are you jumping to in Fortnite?

Surprisingly not a big Fortnite guy. I see/hear enough of it from my housemates.

Who was your favorite athlete when you were a kid?

Always liked Henrik Lundqvist. Not only his play but his fashion and the way he presents himself as a person.

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