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Who Will Paul Carcaterra “ReLAX” with next?

If you’re a lacrosse fan and you don’t know who Paul Carcaterra is, well, you might as well not be a lacrosse fan. Carc is one of the biggest names in lacrosse. As one of the lead ESPNU personalities, Carc has traveled far and wide to drive around in his Range Rover Sport with top college lacrosse players and coaches in the segment, “ReLAXin’ with PCarc.”

There’s no hiding that in 2018 we’ve seen less of the fan favorite videos. Maybe that’s because in 2017 Carc drove around with too many underclassmen and the fans don’t want repeat appearances? Who knows. However, have no fear as today we share with Carc a list of players who he should drive around with next!

Now in selecting these future passengers, we had to consider that Carc is likely limited to players and coaches of teams lined up to play in games scheduled to air on ESPNU. However, we’re hopeful that some darkhorse candidates could possibly make an appearance.

Without further ado, here is our list in order of ESPNU Broadcasts.

The Favorites:

Virginia’s Michael Kraus (Game JHU @ UVA 3/24 11:30am)

After a breakout freshman campaign in 2017, the super sophomore has taken the reigns and become the quarterback of the Wahoo offense. The New Canaan, CT product is lighting it up this year and being from the Tri-State area there’s no doubt that Carc “watched this kid in high school.” Potential topics of conversation are: Playing in a Lars Tiffany/Sean Kirwan offense, The Kraus family tradition of UVA lacrosse (discounting the elder Kraus who played at Michigan) and what UVA Lacrosse scooter gang Kraus is a part of.

Duke’s Peter Conley (Game: UNC @ Duke 3/30 5:00pm)

Happy Hour Lacrosse is back! #HappyHourLax, get it trending now. During this game we’ll certainly get a ReLAXin at halftime. The expected pick here would be Justin Guterding, but we think Carc will skert around Durham with graduate student midfielder Peter Conley. We wrote a piece last month about Conley’s college lacrosse journey and now in his final year of eligibility, he’s a key component to the Blue Devil offense. Conley, from Westchester, NY also has geographical ties to the Yorktown legend which makes him a favorable option. Potential topics of discussion are: Overcoming injuries and transitioning to Duke after his undergraduate days at Georgetown.

Notre Dame’s John Sexton (Game: Duke @ Notre Dame 4/7 4:00pm)

I really wanted to pick Ryder Garnsey here (sorry John) but given #50’s random benchings despite still dictating offensive pace once he gets on the field, Carc will be ReLAXin’ with the Lincoln-Sudbury product during his next visit to South Bend. This past weekend Carc and Anish visited Will Young’s off-campus house while Quint was busy covering wrestling. This makes me think that this episode will include a visit to Sexton’s crib and Quint will hunt down Will Young after turning his signed photo into a coaster. Potential topics of discussion are: Former JHU Stud John Crawley’s role on the team as a grad assistant, how Sexton carries himself with the hype of being the best LSM in the nation, and what the Irish need to do to deliver their first National Championship.

UNC’s Timmy Kelly (Game: Notre Dame @ UNC 4/21 12:00pm)

When Carc travels down to Chapel Hill, after a fun night at Top of the Hill with Anish, he’ll hang out with Tarheel standout midfielder Timmy Kelly. The common man would have guessed he’d drive around with Chris Cloutier but rumor has it the Canuck is busy opening up his poutinerie on Franklin St. During an episode of “The Season 2018” we saw a sneak peek into Timmy’s off-campus pad and once Carc saw that I knew he was itching for an invite. After Carc and Anish play some Fortnite with the Heels they hop in the Rover and cruise around Chapel Hill. Potential topics of discussion are: Carolina’s early season cardiac wins, the Kelly family lacrosse tradition, and the similarities of the 2018 and 2016 Tarheel teams.

Daily Double! Johns Hopkins’ Shack Stanwick & Maryland’s Connor Kelly – 2 Episodes (Game: Maryland @ Johns Hopkins 4/28 2:00pm)

The Grand Daddy of Them All, “The Rivalry!” Ah, College Lacrosse’s finest rivals face off on April 28th. In anticipation to the big game, Carc decides to drop the Daily Double on all us viewers as he whips around Charm City with Shack Stanwick and Connor Kelly (he watched him play in high school – back when Kelly was at Fairfield Prep, before Avon Old Farms). Given the fact that Carc will have to burn 2x the miles with two episodes in one visit, all the relaxin’ will take place in the Range. Potential topics of discussion with Shack are: Getting Hopkins back to the Final Four and winning a national title and that next year will be the first time since the dawn of time that a Stanwick will not be on a college lacrosse roster. Potential topics of discussion with Connor Kelly are: How does he quarterback the offense so well from the midfield, what it was like bringing the national championship to Maryland after so many years, and what will it take to repeat?

The Sleepers:

I don’t know when Carc will make it to these college campuses, but early in the year, he visited Princeton to hang out with Michael Sowers, so that gives me hope that he’ll be able to kick it with these studs.

Bucknell’s Will Sands (A)

Harvard’s Morgan Cheek (A)

Rutgers’ Jules Heningburg (A)

Vermont’s Ian Mackay (M)

Hofstra’s Jack Concannon (G)

Whether or not the former Yorktown and Syracuse legend decides to listen to our recommendations, we know that we got the man thinking about where his GPS will lead him to next.

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