QuickStick MCLA Top 20 – 4/9/18


First things first, a word of apology to our loyal MCLA followers. Last week we did not post a poll but here’s why:

QuickStick is a project that allows us to voice our opinions about the sport and league we love. As recent graduates, we’re out in the real world and often times our real jobs can get in the way of our side hustle pursuits. But that’s the beauty of it. I love my real job, but I also love the fact that once I’m out of the office, on my commute home I can immediately begin working on QuickStick. Running QuickStick isn’t a fulltime job for us. We spend the time we can and, in that effort, we hope we put out a great product.

We realize our competition might have more time on their hands to make redundant analytical polls using stats from the MCLA website or retweet everything at all times of day, but we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and relatability that comes with our diction and understanding of what it is like to be an MCLA lacrosse player in this day in age.

Excuse me for a moment but PSA Metro-North needs free WiFi.

Aight, back to the poll. It’s been a wacky 14 days since our last poll came out. A lot has happened, but don’t worry, we’ve been following. With conference play in full swing, many teams are beginning to separate themselves from the competition.

Let’s get it on!

  1. Utah – The Utes continue to win and in turn, they will remain #1 in our poll. This is the toughest stretch of the season for the Utes as they take on Colorado State, Colorado this week, and BYU on April 19th. If Utah can take care of business against all 3, they will have silenced all their “they haven’t played anyone good yet” haters.
  2. Chapman – The ‘Thers beat Claremont by 15. Idk what else to say aside from these guys are effing good.
  3. South Carolina – So I have to tip my cap to the Cocks. When I saw they only beat NC State by 3, I figured oh boy, it’s springtime in Columbia. Sorority formal season and frat banquets in the past have torn this team apart in the most pivotal time of the season. But the Cocks traveled up to Blacksburg and battled back in a game for the ages. Down 6-0, snowing, what more could you ask for in what was a legendary win for Coach Harkey’s boys.
  4. Colorado – While we were gone, Colorado squeaked by a pesky UCSB team and knocked off Cal Poly. The Buffs have a date with BYU this Thursday in what is a huge game for both squads. Colorado just knows how to get stuff done. They grind teams out and their experience in one-goal wins will be vital down the stretch.
  5. BYU – Get this straight. We like BYU. Tanner Johnson is our boy. The kid did one helluva job on our Snapchat. Heck the Cougars are a nasty team and have a shot at winning a natty ship. This week they travel to Colorado and Colorado State. Rumor has is washed up BYU alum Jordan Harris is wagering his supercomputer for a Cougs win over the Buffs. If he loses, he’s gotta do a naked lap around Boulder.
  6. Michigan State – Sparty on Wayne! MSU is for real. I know that’s a known fact but in years past they’ve been a bit of a pretender. They’ve absolutely rolled through conference play and should not be tested again until Salt Lake City. These guys are also our homies. QuickStick Snapchat alumns who just love to grow the game.
  7. Grand Canyon – I know we say we usually don’t penalize teams for winning games, but last week GCU took on Arizona and only beat the LaxCats by 3. LaxCats are having a down year, the world recognizes it. They came to play vs the big bad Lopes. GCU will be ready come postseason play, it just looks like they’re still working some things up after their two losses in Colorado a couple weeks back.
  8. Concordia Irvine– To say the team ranked #9 has been flying under the radar could sound insane, but it’s true. Their utter domination of UCSB, the same team that has been giving plenty of teams ranked ahead of them tough games is so impressive. Look out Chapman. CUI is coming for you in the SLC tournament.
  9. New Hampshire– The Wildcats are living their best life. Knocking off UCONN this past weekend was a huge win to kick off PCLL play. This league is a 4-headed monster. Heck even Buffalo could pop in and screw things around (peep their 1-goal loss to Northeastern).
  10. Liberty – Flames spat fire on Pitt. Tbh Pitt gave them more of a game than anyone probably expected, but that midnight BS has to have some kinda home field advantage. A date with the Hokies to determine who wins the division coming up.
  11. Georgia Tech– Georgia Tech outplayed and easily outsmarted both Alabama and Auburn this weekend to punch their ticket to the SELC Tournament. With a rivalry game against UGA this weekend, the MCLA’s finest Ken Lovic, will be spending all week scheming for ways to slow down some good boys. Maybe GaTech will figure out a way to teach an old dawg new tricks.
  12. Virginia Tech – A tough loss at home for the Hokies in like their 5th snow game this year. Last time I checked Blacksburg isn’t the north pole, but w/e Gods Plan. VaTech would love to bounce back from this L with a W against Liberty and gain some momentum for the SELC Tourney.
  13. Boston College – The Birds have left the nest. Only to beat up URI and go back bc pretty sure it’s gonna snow again up in Boston. Luckily, they’ve got a nice indoor facility up in Chestnut Hill. They travel to Storrs this weekend to take on UCONN and have a quick turnaround to host pesky Buffalo.
  14. UCONN – It’s not easy traveling up to Durham, NH to play UNH. This game was an instant PCLL classic and boy do I want these teams to face off in the conference tournament. The Dawgs took the L and UCONN needs to have a short memory this week as BC comes to town for some old school Friday Night Lights.
  15. Davenport– Two weeks ago the Panthers fell to Minnesota, who isn’t a bad team, but a game Davenport really wanted, and probably should have had if they wanted to remain in the conversation as a Top 10 team. Conference tournament time now.
  16. Florida State – The Nole’s with their recently promoted assistant coach, traveled to Athens and took down UGA relatively handily. A game that some deemed an upset based off of MCLA polls, but FSU is no slouch despite not showing up to play a couple times. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if the boys from Tally turn this thing around and take the SELC Tournament by storm, but before that, they’ll need to defeat archrival Florida this weekend.
  17. Florida – There’s no lying we’ve become friends with these guys via the Internet. We’ve matched on Hinge, liked each other’s Instagrams and even poked around on FB. Nonetheless, the Gators are rolling. They’ve won 5 in a row since their loss in Cali tom Michigan State and are hyped up to play FSU this weekend for the Division Title. Having already clinched a spot in the SELC Tourney, there’s no doubt these fellas want more. Coach G will have them ready for what should be a doozy in Tally.
  18. California – The Golden Bears find themselves in the midst of a nice winning streak. With two games they should emerge victorious in, they’ll head into the WCLL Tourney with a 9-5 record and a chance to compete for an AQ to the MCLA Tournament.
  19. Clemson – I wasn’t too keen on Clemson because they haven’t really played anyone too strong yet. Yes, our Alma Mater stinks this year, I know… Nonetheless, Buff Grub, who may have the best name but the worst sportsmanship in the MCLA has got his boys playing strong. They’ve clinched a spot in the SELC Tournament and have a date at South Carolina this weekend.
  20. Georgia – I came close to putting ASU here, and then I remembered the Dawgs beat the Devils on their own field. UGA had a tough L over the weekend to the hands of FSU. Still, you can’t count them out and they’ll be ready to play both against GaTech this weekend and in the SELC Tournament.

Others considered (no particular order): Arizona State, Colorado State, Oregon, Northeastern, Simon Fraser, Cal Poly, UCSB

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