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QuickStick MCLA Top 20 Poll – 4.26.18


So this whole fashionably late thing is becoming a trend. It’s ok though, that’s why we played club lacrosse.

Also, gotta shout out our loyal Twitter followers who have waited anxiously for this week’s poll. Side hustles are tough to manage, but the best part is about this poll, it’s reactionary to the “official” MCLA Under Armour poll.

Last week was arguably the wildest week of the MCLA season. You had the SELC Tournament featuring 8, wait let me repeat that 8, ranked teams. You also had Top 10 matchups across the country, most notably what happened out in the Rocky Mountains.

Several tickets to Salt Lake City have been punched and many more conference winners will lock down their AQ’s by mid-day Sunday. The rest, well they’ll have to wait. Congrats to Texas A&M, you’re not ranked, but you’ll be at nationals.

If only the MCLA had a selection show with team reaction cameras. I couldn’t imagine what it be like to see a bunch of club kids at an off-campus pseudo fraternity house having a watch party. Win or lose, we booze, amirite?

Let’s get it on!

  1. Utah – After coming through judgment week, slightly limping and still gasping for air after the thriller in Colorado Springs, the Utes got back to work and werked BYU. I was shocked by how one-sided that ballgame was. Utes are #1, undisputed.
  2. Chapman – The Panthers had a nice off week. They enjoyed the sun in SoCal. Some went surfing, others went golfing. SLC Tournament time as the ‘Thers take on Arizona State who you know won’t go down without a fight.
  3. Michigan State – Your 2018 CCLA Champs. The Michigan State Spartans. It’s a waiting game for the boys from East Lansing. Time to see what seed they get. They rolled through their conference tournament without a scratch.
  4. South Carolina – The SELC Tournament is a gauntlet. There’s no other conference tournament like it. 3 games in 3 days on the sweltering turf of Atlanta. Tbh I didn’t expect the ‘Cocks to win this. My pick was VaTech. Never fear, all good teams need to lose. Coach Harkey’s boys will rest up for nationals. Let’s hope they get there. Remember, not every MCLA team has a “Virtually Varsity” budget.
  5. Virginia Tech – Do the Hokie Pokie and turn yourself around (again!). Congrats to the Hokies on winning the SELC. A great team and a winning culture makes VaTech a scary team at this time of year. They’re young, they’re hungry, they’re a mean group of birds.
  6. BYU – Boy was that a stunner. The “best MCLA game of the year” did not live up to the hype. BYU will bounce back, and the folks in Provo shouldn’t be worried. They just ran into a future DI Team playing their asses off to get their first win over a storied MCLA program. RMLC Tourney time. A date with the Buffaloes this Friday.
  7. Grand Canyon – GCU hasn’t played in a while. Not much else to say aside from the fact they play CUI in a huuuge game. Concordia has been chomping at the bit all year. GCU better be ready.
  8. Colorado – Thankfully the Buffs didn’t slip up and they absolutely WAXED their in-state rival. A rematch with BYU tomorrow. Who knows what will happen. What we do know, both these teams will be in Salt Lake City.
  9. Concordia Irvine– It’s easy to go MCLA DII to DI and make an impact when you have the resources CUI does. But that’s irrelevant at this point. The Eagles would want nothing more than to knock off GCU in the SLC Tournament. Stay tuned fans, it should be a doozy.
  10. Boston College – Despite the loss to Northeastern, BC was able to take care of business relatively handily in the PCLL. They face pesky Buffalo on Saturday.
  11. Liberty – God’s Team had a solid win over Georgia Tech, but let’s not forget the Yellow Jackets were significantly crippled. Hey, a win’s a win, and in the eyes of the analytically driven and historically biased MCLA pollsters, Liberty just got a huge quality win… But actually, no shame to the Flames, they’re a strong team, but are they worthy of an at-large bid? We shall see.
  12. Georgia Tech – This is a great team who had quite the first-round draw. Only in the SELC Tournament do you see two buzz saws like GaTech and Liberty face off in the first round of a tournament of 8 teams. Hopefully, the loss doesn’t mean the Jackets have reached the end because when healthy, this squad can roll. It’s too early to go back to space camp.
  13. Clemson – I was skeptical of the Tigers all year. They play with a chip on their shoulder and their Coach continues to be an over-competitive older man who likes to chirp. I guess that’s cool. But you have to tip your cap to the Tigers’ dominant victory over FSU. The ‘Noles were a talented team, one capable of making a run, and Clemson had none of it. The season is likely over for them but the future is bright. Like really bright.
  14. Northeastern – BIG DAWGS GOTTA EAT. Our most loyal Twitter followers all year decided to turn things on at the most important time. The Huskies went down to UCONN, told them who the best good boys were. Then took down city rival Boston College by 5. Dawgs get their bones. They’ll look to stay hot and get revenge against UNH.
  15. New Hampshire – First a loss to Buffalo, then another one to BC. Wildcats are still in good shape since nobody really has any idea how the PCLL Tournament ends up each year. UNH faces off against Northeastern on Saturday afternoon. A rematch of a game they won in the regular season.
  16. Florida – 2018 was a great year for Florida Gator Lacrosse. Coach Hanrahan is one of the best in the MCLA and has found a way to get the most out of his guys. With a strong young nucleus who experienced the highs and lows of a team looking to compete on a national level, you’d be a fool to rule out the Gators in years to come. Thanks for all the social media love homies, ilysm.
  17. Florida State – Admitted disappointment in the ‘Noles. They were my sleeper pick to make a run in the SELC Tournament. Whoops. Rumor has it those kids tore up Hot-Lanta on Friday night and spent Saturday cruising around on ATV’s in the boonies of Georgia. These kids have fun and, in the end, that’s what matters. Remember MCLA, these are student-run organizations.
  18. California – Cal gets the #1 seed in the WCLL Tournament, a league that continues to look weaker and weaker as the weeks go by. Cal’s only shot to make nationals is to win the conference tournament, something they shouldn’t have trouble doing.
  19. Georgia – The somewhat hometown Bulldogs ran into a juggernaut in VaTech during the first round of the SELC Tournament. They put up a strong fight, but against a team like the Hokies, you’ll need to execute to perfection to pull the upset. On a positive note, UGA gets better each year. They’ll be back, and you’re clueless if you think their fire twitter account hasn’t influenced their recent success. See you next year fellas. HAGS.
  20. Arizona State – New coach, old coach. The 2018 Arizona State Sun Devils Men’s Club Lacrosse Team may be the best 7-7 team in MCLA history. They will give Chapman a game, no doubt.

Others considered (no particular order): Texas A&M (really effing close), Buffalo, Colorado State, Oregon, Simon Fraser, Oklahoma

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