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2018 QuickStick MCLA All-Name Team


We just wrapped up conference playoff szn in the MCLA. Games were livestreamed left and right and we heard a bunch of stand out names.

With the MCLA National Tournament coming up next month, we figured we’d make use of all the great names we’ve heard this season.

Inspired by our God Parents over at Inside Lacrosse, we decided to create the first ever MCLA All-Name Team.

The Inside Lacrosse All-Name Team only consists of athletes who play NCAA lacrosse. It’s been a viral sensation but unfortunately, they’ve missed out on a plethora of great lacrosse players and even better names in the MCLA.

So without further adieu, here is your QuickStick 2018 MCLA All-Name Team.

The QuickStick 2018 MCLA All-Name Team consists of players only from MCLA DI. Sorry DII, that would have taken way too much time. There will be 4 Attackmen, 4 Midfielders, 1 FOGO, 1 Longstick Midfielder, 4 Defensemen and 2 Goalies. Why so many players? Any good team needs depth.

Let’s get it on!

A. Jaco Lopponen – Alabama | I’ve never met or seen the first name Jaco. Automatically on the team.

A. Miller Barbour – NC State | Miller Lite and Barbour Jackets, my kinda guy.

A. Harry Waddoups – BYU | Whaddoup??

A. Cyrus Moghadam – Stanford | This is a pretty cool name.

M. Tlaloc Orozco-Cohen – Arizona State | How do you even pronounce this??

M. Ulysses Grant III – Florida | Named after a damn US President. You’ve got my vote.

M. Quinn Lowdermilk – Florida State | “He needs some milk!”

M. Jake Nutter – Utah | I’m sorry bud, that’s all I can say

FOGO: Bogdan Dragacevac – Virginia Tech | Imagine being an opposing FOGO and seeing you’ll line up inches from a name like that. Yikes.

LSM: Jordan Fox-Fick – Arizona State | Sounds like a pesky player. Swift like a fox.

D. Jonathan Trueworthy – Nevada | He’s never said a lie and always has your back.

D. Bailey Ueberroth – Central Michigan | Probably was 1st Team All-County in High School strictly based on the last name intimidation factor.

D. Maximilian Salzbrunn – Georgia | Straight from Vienna, Austria. Probably recruited just to run the UGA Twitter Account #GrowTheGame

D. MacKinnon Poulson – Georgia Tech | Studying Aerospace Engineering. He’ll start the first Intergalactic Country Club.

G. Maksymilian Bialek – Chapman | So is your name Max or Maks?

G. Skylar Whinery – Texas State | Vino. Sheesh.

Did we miss anyone? Send us other notable names and we’ll be sure to keep them in mind for next year!

As always, be sure to follow us on social media. @QuickStickBlog on both Twitter and Instagram.

1 comment on “2018 QuickStick MCLA All-Name Team

  1. Kent Chance

    you left out Kent “smelly” Chance


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