5 Ways to Get Through a Lax Gap

Lax Gap

All you Netflix bingers out there are probably familiar with the term “showhole,” when you’ve finished a series and don’t know what to watch next. Well this week, lacrosse fans might be feeling a similar withdrawal after nonstop NCAA Tournament action Saturday and Sunday. We call this a lax gap. It’s hump day and you might be losing hope that you can make it to Saturday.

But never fear, QuickStick has your back. Here are the best activities to fill the void between rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

1. D-III Lax

All four D-III Quarterfinal games are on today. What a godsend. The matchups include a huge test for No. 1 RIT from York College, and a NESCAC Championship rematch between Tufts and Wesleyan. All four games are streaming online.

2. High School Action

In case that’s not enough to fill your Wednesday, inclement weather over Towson caused the second MIAA semifinal between Loyola Blakefield and Calvert Hall to be pushed to today at 4 pm. You can stream the game here for a small fee. With the illustrious Booker Corrigan on the call, it’s worth the price.


3. Wall Ball

Better yourself, young man! If you’re not on the East Coast getting pummeled by thunderstorms, get outside and get that stick moving.

4. YouTube Rabbit Hole

One thing lacrosse is not short on is sick video content. IL’s The Season and TLN’s Drive: Undeniable are awesome series that give you a behind-the-scenes looks into the nation’s best college and high school programs. ECD does awesome MIAA Highlights and a Docuseries called Stangs Family, an all-access look at Stevenson Lacrosse. GKess Films drops heat regularly. That should be enough to fill your recommended videos up with a lot of lax.

5. Old IL Magazines

Dig through your childhood room and find that stack of Inside Lacrosse Issues from 2007-2013. The recruiting issues are the best. I mean just look at these:

That Jimmy Bitter mane… goodness.

So dry your tears fellas. We can make it through this weekend if we stick together.

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