Apparently, Playing In Exactly Zero MLL Games Makes You An MLL All-Star…?

We all know the name Ben Reeves. We know that he just won both an NCAA Championship and the Tewaaraton Award in his senior season. But, what some of us may not know is that Reeves is also an MLL All-Star.

What people also may not know is that the former Yale standout has played exactly zero (0) seconds in a Major League Lacrosse game. That’s right, both you and I have the identical MLL statistics to an MLL All-Star. Seems strange, no?

Once every four years (each time the World Lacrosse Championship comes around), the MLL All-Star Weekend features a game between Team USA and the best-of-the-best in Major League Lacrosse. This year’s game, taking place in Boston, MA, is no different, and will once again feature some of the standouts from the rookie class. Guys like Joel Tinney (4G, 2A in two games), Will Sands (7G, 8A in four games), Chris Cloutier (8G, 4A in two games), Justin Guterding (4G, 2A in two games), and Ben Reeves (0G, 0A in zero games).

Ask yourself, which one does not belong?

Now, this is certainly not a knock on Reeves. The kid is a FANTASTIC lacrosse player, and should be regarded as such. His college credentials speak for themselves, and he will more-than-likely be an incredible player in the professional game as well. My gripe is not with the player, but (once again) with the league.

I get that this is the MLL’s hallmark event for the season and they want to hype it up as much as possible. However, could you imagine any other professional sports league in the country putting a player in their respective All-Star Game before they’ve played a single second in that league? You couldn’t, because it doesn’t happen.

For example, the MLB Draft was held last week. The players drafted in the Top 10 will most likely become very good professionals in the MLB. However, I have a strong feeling that Rob Manfred will not be inserting *Googles who the number 1 pick in the MLB Draft was* Casey Mize into the Mid-Summer Classic this July. Why not? Because he’s hasn’t competed against MLB talent. He hasn’t shown he can perform in the league. He’s not going to take the place of another capable MLB player that has been busting his ass in the pros all season long.

Ben Reeves has not played a minute of professional lacrosse to date and yet Commissioner Brown continues his hot streak and inserts him into the All-Star lineup. It’s a terrible look, and further shows that the MLL is a second-tier professional sports league who cannot get out of its own way. It’s a shame, too, because these players are the best in the world and they continue to get embarrassed by the governing body of the league they play in.

P.S. This picture, from the official MLL Instagram account made me laugh. Talk about some fresh home whites.



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