Lacrosse Hotbed Power Rankings: Accents

It’s the return of everyone’s favorite offseason segment: Lacrosse Hotbed Power Rankings, where we rank the hottest regions of our game on everything but their lacrosse talent. Here is where your regions rank in… Accents

13. DC

There’s nothing very distinctive about the way people speak in the Nation’s Capital. It’s such a mixing pot that everything kind of blends together. There is some unique slang to consider, such as “brick” (a long distance or amount of time) and “bet” (a statement in the affirmative, similar to “word”).

12. Fairfield County (CT)/Westchester County (NY)

Again, nothing very extraordinary about the accents here. There’s not a ton of spillover from New York City. Instead kids from here have the classic bro voice that comes from playing lacrosse starting at age 6.

11.  Midwest

This accent is sing-songy and friendly. The middle of the country may be cold but the people and their accents are warm. Plus those old Chicago dudes are awesome.

10. Southwest

Grouping Texas, Utah and Colorado together doesn’t lend itself well to this list. Texas is its own world, with its own twist on the Southern accent, while the mountain states bring out some great ski bum voices. The lack of a uniform dialect puts this region a little lower on the list.

9. Baltimore

This is a very subtle one. It’s just a bit nasaly and if you’re near the Bay, you might start to hear people talking about “warshing” their cars or hanging out by the “wuter.” Boh’s and O’s? S’go!

8. New Jersey

Most lacrosse players don’t sound like the cast of the Jersey Shore but that accent’s too great to pass up on. Cabs are here.

7. Upstate NY

This one’s a little more subtle but it’s a hidden gem. It’s close enough to Canada that these boys might let an “aboot” or some hockey slang slip, which we like.

6. Philly

Image result for philadelphia jawn

Also subtle, also great. Philadelphians power through their vowels and pronounce the last day of the week as “Fridey.” Also the word jawn is hilarious.

5. West Coast

Cali bros are the best. Their drawl, their lingo. It’s all so chill and it screams lacrosse.

4. New England

Now we’re talking. It doesn’t get much more distinctive than the Masshole accent. Why’d we put them this high? Cause there’s no other reason.

3. Long Island

If you’ve played lacrosse long enough, you’ve met some FLIDs. The accent is emphatic and unapologetic but it’s as rich and traditional as ma’s bruschetta. Lacrosse is so intertwined with LI’s culture that it has to be way up on the list.

2. Southeast

The frontier of lacrosse on the East Coast is an exciting place for the growth of the game and the accent is just as exciting. It’s unmistakable and fun to imitate. Some of the coaches in the mighty SELC have some fantastic drawls and as the game grows, we can expect more southern fellers to come to the forefront. Yeehaw.

1. Canada


Something about the Canadian accent makes it so endearingly funny. If you’re not convinced, go check out Letterkenny, the Canadian TV show that’s the best kept secret on the internet. Sorrey!

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