Former Club Guy John Paul Named a PLL Coach

Today, the PLL announced the six head coaches who will lead the league’s teams in its inaugural year and we are ecstatic to see former Michigan Coach and MCLA President John Paul among them.

Paul led Michigan’s club team from 1998-2012, running a model program and winning three MCLA titles. He served as President of the league from 2002-2009. He shepherded the Wolverines into D-I in 2012 and stayed on through the 2017 season.

Coach Paul blazed an exciting trail for club lacrosse with NCAA aspirations. As former players and advocates of the MCLA, it’s validating and heartwarming to see the Pope of club lax moving on to greener pastures.

If I’m a PLL player, I know who I want to play for.

(Or maybe that Starsia guy, he’s kinda cool too).

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