#tbt – That time we were on TV (sorta)


Is #tbt even still a thing? Who cares, today it is.

During our senior year at Elon, our award winning on-campus news network (Flex On ‘Em), Elon News Network, interviewed us regarding the success of our MCLA Lacrosse Team.

We were asked questions regarding the commitment of players, structure of the team, level of competition and even took a dive into why Elon doesn’t have a Men’s DI Team. A question that many still wonder. Well, not really, it’s because of football.

Nonetheless, take a peek at our interview from the spring of 2017. We had a feature article written about us and a video that aired on the local airwaves. It was fun and a great way for our campus and local community to learn more about our MCLA program.



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