QuickStick MCLA Top 20 Poll – 4/10/19

So this every other week thing is becoming a thing… We don’t like it but it’s out of our control (sorta). The crazy thing here is, not much has happened at the top. In fact, our Top 5 teams remain the same, the order however, that has changed. With that said, it’s Rivalry Week baby! Let’s get it on!

  1. California – Since our last poll the Golden Bears took down Sonoma State 19-9. They play Stanford on Friday and will likely end the regular season undefeated.
  2. Georgia Tech – The Bees got two big road wins this past weekend in Nashville, knocking off the defending champs Michigan State and Davenport. A Rivalry Game vs UGA this weekend that should go in favor of the boys from Hot-Lanta.
  3. Arizona State – Change up! Last Friday the Sun Devils absolutely dismantled GCU 19-5. Rivalry game this Saturday vs the LaxCats.
  4. Liberty – Dropping Liberty here goes against our motto of not punishing teams for wins but in this case we are (lol). Sorry Flames. ASU’s demolishing of GCU is more impressive than your 1G win at home vs South Carolina, that’s all 🙂
  5. Chapman – Despite being #5 in the poll, Chapman is as dangerous as anyone right now. They wrap up their regular season this week with Claremont and UCSB.
  6. South Carolina – After falling by 1 to Liberty last week, the Cocks bounced back with impressive wins (both handily btw) over Michigan State and Davenport. A trip up to NC this weekend where they should get two divisional wins (we’ll be in attendance at Elon – plz don’t beat us too bad).
  7. Colorado – Buffaloes stampede in Texas. Big game vs BYU tomorrow night.
  8. New Hampshire – We’ve been high on this team since before the season began. The Wildcats are 6-0 with a date against a pesky UCONN team this weekend.
  9. Cal Poly – The Mustangs got a big win vs BYU while we were away and followed it up with thrashing Dominican. UCSB is up this weekend, a team that won’t go away easily.
  10. Concordia – Irvine – A one goal win vs UCSB (seems like everyone has one of those) to rebound after their loss to Chapman. CUI has finished their regular season. Waiting game for the Eagles until the SLC Tournament.
  11. Arizona – RIVALRY WEEK – ’nuff said. LaxCats vs. Sun Devils.
  12. UCONN – A huuuge game this weekend at home vs UNH with major playoff implications. UCONN is perhaps the best 3 loss team in the country, they’re only this low in the polls given their late season start.
  13. BYU – Since our last poll the Cougs lost a close one to Cal Poly and knocked off a Texas A&M squad that’s been flirting around the Top 20. It’s Judgement Week for BYU as they face Colorado and Colorado State, then in 10 days they take on Utah Valley.
  14. Michigan State – Tough weekend for Sparty falling to SELC powers GaTech and South Carolina. They wrap up their regular season this weekend against Davenport.
  15. Virginia Tech – The Hokies fell to MSU out in Ohio in a total monsoon, and then took out their anger on Indiana. Elon forfeited their game (DON’T GET ME STARTED, IT’S A COMPLETE DISGRACE) and they took down Minnesota 11-9.
  16. Florida State – Are the Noles heating up? A nice win at home vs Clemson bring them into Rivalry Week with the Gators.
  17. Utah Valley – Two more wins for the kids who get their games filmed in 4K.
  18. Clemson – Kuddos to Clemson for scheduling an away trip to FSU after they had already met their SELC game requirements. They came out away from the weekend even after a 1-goal loss to FSU. Clemson will be pesky in the SELC Tourney, don’t sleep on em.
  19. Stanford – The Cardinal sneak into the Top 20 after beating Santa Clara. A date with numero uno this weekend. Can they pull off the upset?
  20. Georgia – The Dawgs sneak into the final spot in this week’s Top 20. Two more wins for UGA since our last poll leading into their Rivalry Game vs GaTech. Put all things aside in these type of games, we’ll have to see what happens.

Others considered: Boston College, Santa Clara, Texas A&M, Northeastern, Oregon

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