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QuickStick Rewind: YouTube’s Lacrosse Classics

If you haven’t listen to today’s episode of Barstool Sports’ “The Crease Dive,” I highly recommend it.

There’s a great interview with BU stud Chris Gray along with the always comical commentary between Jordie and @callmeshitto.

During their back and forth, Jordie raises attention to lacrosse highlight videos being produced today. While today’s videos are filmed in amazing quality and capture incredible close ups, Jordie references the stop, speed up, slow down, then speed up again as just becoming too difficult to watch. Honestly, he’s not the only one who’s had these thoughts.

Lacrosse is getting more media exposure these days than ever before. It’s awesome! We’ve got clips on SportsCenter Top Plays on a weekly basis (s/o Chris J.) and the power of the internet has more and more people producing high quality video content.

But what a lot of these 4k clips of slow-mo’s and players waving past their defense don’t have is the full capture of the play. Sometimes the plays are so zoomed in that you cannot see how it’s built up or what the end result is. This may sound weird but these incredibly well made videos also lack the charm of what vintage lacrosse highlights are all about.

In a way these producers are competing against each other to capture the next viral hit and they’re forgetting about capturing the beauty of the sport.

I get it. The kinda stuff made today gets on House of Highlights and goes social media viral, but the vintage YouTube stuff, that’s what creates memories.

Over the next week, maybe two, we’ll be posting a throwback YouTube lacrosse video each day to show the lacrosse world, or for some resurrect, the lacrosse video footage and edits us millennials grew up with.

That being said, enjoy “Best of College Lacrosse 2010” by the legend, JLProductions3.

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