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QuickStick Rewind: “Duke Lacrosse Highlights”

Day two of QuickStickRewind! Today we’re bringing all you young bucks and old boys like us a throwback Duke Lacrosse Highlight video.

This video features Duke Lacrosse Highlights from 2006-2008. This three year stretch obviously included dark days with the Blue Devil program but also featured an incredible offense with a cast of studs that goes on and on. To name a few:

  • Matt Danowksi #40
  • Zach Greer #25
  • Ned Crotty #22
  • Brad Ross #10
  • Max Quinzani #16 – wore this before #8 later on

These guys were perhaps the best group to never win a national title. Plus I’m pretty sure Crotty and Ross have the best flow of all time. Just look at it. Out of respect, the Minnesota All-Hockey Hair Team would have to give them credit of some kind.

Enjoy more punk rock x lacrosse!

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