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QuickStick Rewind: Perkovic’s 5 Goals vs. Denver

This isn’t as much of a throwback as our first two segments of QuickStick Rewind, but many would say Sergio Perkovic’s 5 Goals in the 4th Quarter of the 2015 NCAA Semi-Finals is arguably the greatest individual performance in NCAA Tournament history.

In his 4th Quarter surge, Perkovic displays his incredible range from the outside, with blistering high heat and precision on alley dodges.

Just look at the way he paints the upper left corner on his first goal. There is no sound sweeter in lacrosse and the super slow-mo angle is something else. Seeing the ball sting the corner and the cage rattling is what players dream of.

The best part of this video by far is Eamon McAnaney’s reaction to the 5th goal. “OHHH MY!” It sums it up perfectly. Perkovic put the team on his back, some would even say the city. See below:

This video was pretty lit in 2015.

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