Dr. Pepper is Running Anti-Lacrosse Ads Again and we Might Need to Boycott

I think we all remember this ad from last college football season. Dr. Pepper, an undeniably good soda, depicted a family pushing their son to follow tradition and only watch football. The lacrosse community was triggered. My fellow writers didn’t leave their rooms for a week. The wound was just starting to heal when Dr. Pepper had the absolute GALL to run this ad during the first college football weekend of the year.

I mean, look at this poor kid.

Will this season of Fansville be a heartwarming story of acceptance, where the parents embrace their son’s new passion and his well-quaffed flow? Or will Dr. Pepper continue to make us a punchline and force us to boycott this delicious beverage?

All I know is they sell 2-liters of Dr. Perky at Food Lion for 89 cents. Your move, Dr. Pepper.

Image result for dr perky

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