The All-time Best Team Bonding Activity for College and High School Teams

Yesterday, our good friends @washeduplaxbros reposted a video of the University of Dallas Men’s Team having a grand old time at a volleyball game, cheering on their fellow Crusaders in full spirit and full pads. It may seem like another video of lacrosse players being loud and goofing off but it actually brought joy to my heart. Some of my greatest memories with teammates in both high school and college were made at other teams’ sporting events. We’d go to women’s lacrosse, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey and volleyball games (really anything but baseball), flexing our school spirit and channeling that boisterous exuberance in a positive way.

It’s usually free and so easy to organize. Maybe women’s lax has a game after your practice, or there’s a basketball game after your team lift. When you spend so much time with your team in and around the facilities, you have endless opportunities to duck in and cheer on your peers. And once you’re in, the shenanigans can start.

You think your team cellies after goals? Bring that energy into the bleachers of a women’s lacrosse game and watch the glee on their parents’ faces when three guys make a human bicycle after a goal. They’ll love it.

Celly GIF

That being said, police the boys. Any time you’re in public with the team, you’re representing. And lacrosse has a reputation, so any douchery will be quickly judged (and probably reported).

Instead, take the opportunity to build some goodwill with the school, athletic department, parents and community.

(And the ladies. Those “thanks for coming to our game :)” texts hit different)

All in all, supporting your fellow student-athletes is the best team building activity there is. So if you’re in college or high school, grab your teammates and go to the next home game for any of the teams on campus. Who knows, they just might come to yours.


P.S. If you aren’t following @washeduplaxbros on IG a) what are you doing? and b) go support. “#AsThatAHighSpeedBlender #CuzISmellAMixer” is grade A comedy.

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