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A Sign of the Times

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Months, actually. Maybe even a year since I decided to sit down and write something out that wasn’t firing a quick link out to a lacrosse highlight.

Over the past month we’ve seen the lacrosse world (and the actual world) turn upside down. It’s been shitty, we can all accept that. Without going into finer details about the pandemic, this temporary reality we live in has simplified many of our lives. For myself, I’ve left New York City and decided to quarantine at my childhood home in Connecticut. While working remotely has been difficult, I’ve made the most of my time at home and to be fair, it’s been quite nice to escape the fast-paced life of NYC for a bit. That said, hopefully things can become somewhat “normal” sooner than later.

Since coming back home, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands. Work has slowed down as the industry I work in has been hit pretty hard by COVID but that has allowed me to focus my time elsewhere, like watching A LOT of lacrosse highlights. Now I obviously watch plenty of lacrosse when there isn’t a pandemic outbreak but during this time I’ve needed it more than ever to fill the void of the 2020 season’s cancellation.

I’ve been watching old games, highlights, product reviews, and even rereading old LaxPower forums (yes, this is sad and true). Doing all of this got me thinking and reignited my interest in putting my thoughts to the keyboard and blogging.

When we started QuickStick in 2017, we didn’t know what would happen over time. The three of us had all just graduated from Elon where we played MCLA lacrosse and wanted to stay connected to the game we love. Over the past 2+ years, it’s given us exactly that and been a great platform to be involved in lacrosse. As our professional and personal lives developed, we’ve had to take a step back from QuickStick (I know, so much for the side hustle grind…) but have tried to remain as active as possible on social media.

However, this is a time for us to give back to lacrosse. Lacrosse has given all of us so much, and now lacrosse needs people like us and bloggers/editors alike more than ever. There is a void in content at a time where people need it the most. These are the times when we’re used to watching Anish make fun of Quint’s ties or see Carc cutting a stud attackman’s hair. We’re used to listening to Inside Lacrosse’s “Quick Restart” and “Dixie & D-Fly” podcasts each week. We’re used to reading Ty Xander’s weekly high school rankings and seeing him get in Twitter battles with angry MIAA parents over how he favors St. Pauls. We’re used to double tapping on Instagram all the incredible highlights edits that come out each week, that capture the most incredible plays in ridiculously slow motion footage.

We don’t have that right now and we miss it. While we can’t guarantee we’ll give you all of it, we’re going to do our part to help fill that void. So check in here, don’t forget about us just yet. We’ll be blogging, editing clips and sharing as much as we can because like all of you, we need lacrosse more than ever before.

Stay tuned.

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