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Zach Palmer’s BTB Heard Around The World

“CAN YOU SAY SPORTSCENTER!” Carc’s line right there says it all.

It’s 2011 and Hopkins & Maryland square off in another thriller in their illustrious history. Hopkins went on to win the game 12-11 in OT but not without this unbelievable goal by Zach Palmer. #45 was a slick Canadian for the Blue Jays and one of my favorite players at the time. I remember watching this video over and over again as a sophomore in high school, dreaming that I’d be able to come close to finishing that shot in my own backyard.

Ignoring the fact that this video is a phone filming a TV, it can’t go without being said that this game was shot at Byrd Stadium back when the cameramen were located on the Moon. It always threw viewers for a trip each time they’d tune into a Terp home game on TV. Though with this perspective, the angle honestly makes the shot look even more impressive as you realize how far out Zach Palmer is. That said, s/o to BTN and their ability to figure out a better spot to film nowadays.

Zach Palmer is the Human Highlight Reel - Lacrosse Playground

Palmer went on to star for the Blue Jays throughout the remainder of his career and had a short stint in the MLL after.

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