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BREAKING: Petro out at Hopkins. Time for Bill Belichick

#PetroOut is official. For years Hopkins homers have been chanting this both at Homewood and online on the forums.

Petro had an outstanding run as Head Coach for the Blue Jays but his time was up and we all knew it. 2-4 in 2020 before COVID cut it short, and it really should have been 1-5 if Mount St. Mary’s didn’t try to “not lose the game” late in the 4th.

Alright, but who will replace Petro? Easy, time for Bill Belichick.

We all know Bill is a lax guy. A former captain at Wesleyan back in the day turned Hopkins superfan. Belichick has often been spotted at Hopkins games throughout the years and recently has become a huge spokesperson for the PLL.

For those concerned with Bill being too removed from his playing days, think again. He’s got a better off hand than half these Canadian box kids.

I hate the Patriots more than anyone else but this is a match made in heaven.

Hopkins still has some studs on their roster with Joey Epstein, Evan Zinn and Owen Murphy to name a few. Perhaps all they need is the Patriot Way to right the ship at Homewood.

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