Jack Allard’s Health Improving – Released from UPENN Hospital & Headed Home

Jack Allard in action for Bates College

UPDATE 4/17/20: Jack Allard has been cleared from UPENN Hospital and is headed home to New Jersey!

Video of Jack walking out of the hospital earlier today, courtesy of Ridgewood HS Boys Lacrosse:

– – – –


This is the news the lacrosse world needed today. Jack Allard’s health is improving and he is getting off the ventilator.

In a quote from NJ’s Daily Voice, “He should be fully off the ventilator some time this week, and hopefully shortly after will return home to NJ to continue his physical therapy.”

Jack Allard and his Father – via DailyVoice

Jack was an All-American player for Bates from 2013 – 2016 and played a key role in the Bobcats rise to national prominence during those years and the seasons following. Allard scored 149 goals and dished out 55 assists during his time at Bates.

Prayers to him, his family and loved ones as he continues his battle.

Full Article: https://dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/southpassaic/news/ridgewood-coronavirus-patient-26-off-ventilator-slowly-making-comeback/786637/

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