If Other Athletes Played Lacrosse

You’ve heard by now that Patrick Mahomes has recently secured the bag. The Super Bowl MVP signed a contract in excess of $500 million over TEN (10) years and it will take him through the 2031 season. That’s a long ways away, especially considering we may never make it out of 2020.

Sure, Mahomes is a stud football player. No one would argue that, but what if he played lacrosse? What if he lined up at X and started whipping sidearm passes to cutting middies? With his playmaking ability, I’m sure we’d be in for a real treat.

Here comes the fun part: why stop at Mahomes? I figured why not look at other big-name professional athletes and see how they’d fare playing the Creators Game™. This is the list I came up with:


(L) Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals (NHL)

I never knew I needed an Eamon “Time…Room…BULLSEYE!” call on an Ovechkin rip from his trademark spot until right now. Not only does Ovi have tremendous hand-eye coordination that would translate to the lacrosse field, but so would this:

Fun fact: Shears probably won’t venture any further on this blog because he’ll be replaying this video until his computer dies.

(X) Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)

I’ve already mentioned Mahomes, but I think it’d be amazing to watch him work behind the net. I imagine him cutting back and forth while keeping his eyes up looking for cutting middies and finding mismatches. When he finds his target, he’ll probably make some ridiculous throw through traffic and off of one foot. 10 years, $500 million.

(R) Bubba Watson, PGA Tour

I figured I’d get a little creative here. Similar to Ovechkin I racked my brain for someone with a heavy left shot. Well, look no further than former Masters Champion, Bubba Watson:

He can absolutely launch a golf ball, while keeping it on target, so I like to think he’d be capable of ripping a hole in the back of a net. He’d be most dangerous on the man-up and with someone like Mahomes there to “tee it up” for him (pun very much intended) you can bet it’s a goal. Let’s just hope he doesn’t opt for a pink shaft.


(L) Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors (NBA)

You need someone with a lethal outside shot? I might know a guy:

Not only is Curry used to shooting from the parking lot, he also has tremendous ball handling skills making him a perfect fit for a middie. He can go to his right or left, shake off defenders, and get space to create his own shot. Plus, as a point guard, he’s a great facilitator so he should have no trouble keeping the ball moving throughout the offense.

(C) Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins (NHL)

Patrice Bergeron is one of the best two-way hockey players in the NHL, and he has been for some time. With four Selke Trophy awards (NHL forward that demonstrates outstanding defensive abilities) to his name and a consistent scorer in the offensive zone, I think you have an ideal middie in Bergeron. Center is his natural position, and he’s a career 60% at face-offs, so he could also be used as a FOGO. Although, I’m not sure why you’d want to take him off the field.

(R) Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers (NHL)

I don’t think I’m telling you something you don’t already know when I say you want your middies to be fast. Connor McDavid is beyond fast. Blink-and-you-miss-him type speed on the ice. He has an NHL Fastest Skater award under his belt (among many others), and he’s the the definition of a human clear. Don’t take my word for it:

(Did you guys see Brodiey get cooked on that first goal? Tough look for my good friend.)

Just like the rest of these hypothetical midfielders, he has incredible hands and has no problem creating his own shot. To quote one of the commentators, “if he’s shoulder to shoulder with you, forget it. He’s got you.” Why wouldn’t you want that on your team?


(L) Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers (NBA)

Now we get into the big boys on defense. Guys that are both intimidating coming off of the bus, and will back it up on the field. We start with Kawhi on the left side. He’s one of the best defenders in the NBA, can shadow you all across the court/field, and make you pay when you try and drive on him. I haven’t even mentioned his offensive ability, but based on highlights like these I don’t need to:

Line Kawhi up against the opponent’s best attackman, and you won’t hear that man’s name mentioned after pre-game intros.

(C) LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)

LeBron always wanted to be teammates with Kawhi and now he gets his wish. James’ defense has certainly been questioned over recent years, but when he turns it on he’s elite. Just ask Andre Iguodala. Speaking of chase downs, let’s say there’s a fast break coming down toward your net and you need your defense to recover to the hole. Are you willing to argue there’s a better athlete out there to do that than this man:

“Fast break!…okay, slow break!…okay, yellow, yellow…”

(R) Cam Newton, New England Patriots (NFL)

Rounding out the defense, we have Cam Newton. When your team is looking to clear, get the ball to Newton who will proceed to read the opponent’s ride formation, smile, then deliver a dart of a pass to a teammate breaking open. Or, if everyone’s completely covered, he’ll just clear it himself with a smile on his face. Pick your poison.

I used to have a teammate that played defense, and when he would have to clear the ball you could tell he wanted to be in any other situation but that one. One team actually picked up this and would shout “he’s not confident!” as my teammate carried the ball up the field. Something tells me that wouldn’t be the case with Newton.


Connor Hellebuyck, Winnipeg Jets (NHL)

This one was the toughest position to figure out. There are goalies in multiple sports, all with incredible talent. However, if I’m starting a team today, I want to get in with a young star that’s used to a fast-paced game. Look no further than Connor Hellebuyck. Helly could very well win the Vezina Trophy this year for the NHL’s most outstanding goaltender, but even if he doesn’t there’s no denying this guy is a stud:

(How about those Jets jerseys in the thumbnail? Gorgeous.)


Bill Belichick, New England Patriots (NFL)

For me, this one was a no brainer. Belichick, the greatest coach in the history of football and he’s never even played the sport?? Unbelievable. You know what sport he did play, though? Correct. Lacrosse. And he’s still got it, too.

bill lax

Belichick has been interviewed before about where he’d put certain Patriots players on the lacrosse field, so his mind is already working in the right direction. He has Cam Newton as a new quarterback, but I’d be willing to bet he’d really love to see him line up with a long-pole on defense. This team is about to win so many championships.

Honorable Mention/Bench:

Chris Hogan, Penn State Lacrosse/Super Bowl Champion (NFL)

He’s probably a bit rusty, so Chris doesn’t get the starting nod. But, did you guys know he played lacrosse?

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