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PLL Uniform Change Reaction – Thank God For Archers

The PLL began the week by releasing the uniforms of the league’s newest team, the Waterdogs. The rest of the teams in the league followed shortly after. There were some good, and there were some very bad. Here are my thoughts as well as my rankings pre- and post-uniform tweak.

7. Chaos (previously 6)

2019 uniform:

2020 uniform:


The Chaos were already the most boring uniform in the league, but this is what we call an overcorrection. Last season’s “Chaos” across the chest with a minimal pattern background on both shirts just wasn’t attention-grabbing and seemed plain. The league tried to change that, and they certainly did, but not in a positive way.

Now, I will say, the white is an upgrade. Adding the scorpion logo both in the foreground and background is a positive. They should have done that with the black and stopped there. Instead, we have whatever the hell is going on in the black/red jersey. I just don’t get it. There’s so much going on and it comes off really cheap looking.

Our pal Brody put it best on Twitter:

Couldn’t have said it better myself. To go from too simple all the way across the spectrum to too much is really unfortunate, because, again, I really do like the white’s set up.

6. Chrome (previously 5)

2019 uniforms:

2020 uniforms:

This time, we now see the biggest change coming with the white shirts. I think removing the blue lines and adding the full logo, instead of just the word “Chrome,” is a good move. The most noticeable change with the black is the holographic Adidas stripes on the shoulder which are sweet.

While these changes are relatively subtle, I think they’re a step forward. They’re still somewhat plain for my liking, which is why they’re not higher on the list, but they’re certainly not terrible. Coughcoughchaoscough.

5. Redwoods (previously 3)

2019 uniforms:

2020 uniforms:

This one pains me to do, but I have to be unbiased and fair. These are downgrades. While I do like that the stripes on the white got changed to green to match the darks, the fact that they got rid of the “redwood” trees sucks. Those were awesome and made the uniforms unique.

Now, with this digital-like pattern, they look VERY much like soccer “kits” and don’t stand out. I’m not a member of the pitchfork mafia that will attack any of these jerseys for looking like they belong on a soccer field, but when you downgrade to this I have to speak up.

Not to mention their green helmets also have the trees on them, so will those be removed or just no longer be consistent with the uniform?

4. Waterdogs (previously NR)

2019 uniforms: N/A

2020 uniforms:

The new kid on the block has arrived. These things are sweet. I think they’re very well done and, for me, the water design isn’t too overpowering and takes these to a different level.

The light jersey is simply incredible. It’s no wonder they sold out of the PLL Shop in about 2 days. I do like the dark as well, my only qualm is that the sponsor’s colors clash pretty significantly. I know we’re seeing this same thing happen with NBA jerseys, and you definitely get used to it, but I just wish it was a logo that could be blended a little better – like with the Redwoods and Atlas.

3. Archers (previously 4)

2019 uniforms:

2020 uniforms:

oh boy

Those orange ones have me speechless. Just beautifully executed. It’s funny because essentially nothing changed about the dark blue, but you don’t even notice because the orange is so great.

These were nothing more than okay last season, but the new light color has made a statement. The orange will look amazing out on the field in a couple weeks, and the best news is it’s not sleeveless! Here comes the angry ‘Cuse twitter army in 3…2…1…

2. Whipsnakes (no ranking change)

2019 uniforms:

2020 uniforms:

Archers was the last of the major changes to the uniforms, but that’s not a bad thing when your jerseys were already pretty sweet to begin with. I’ve always been a fan of the snakeskin design in the background of these shirts, so I’m glad to see they’ve kept that. Again, we see a change with the Adidas stripes on the red jersey, and I think that’s subtle enough to be a nice compliment to the rest of the uniform without overpowering.

The Whips are 1-for-1 when it comes to winning championships. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

1. Atlas (no ranking change, kings stay kings)

2019 uniforms:

2020 uniforms:

2020 atlas both

Speaking of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…we have these beauties. Again, essentially zero changes, but why bother when you already have the cleanest uniforms in the league? The line pattern in the background that you find on an actual atlas is beautiful and I was pumped to see they kept it. I’d be curious to see what the holographic stripes would look like on the blue, but at the end of the day I’m not complaining.

No matter whether you like the changes or not, we’ll be seeing them on a lacrosse field for real competition by the time this month ends. That sure is something to celebrate.

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