Teague Whalen- Lacrosse’s Newest and Least Qualified Pundit

I think I got scored on right after this.

What’s up lacrosse fandom and loyal following of QuickStick. My name is Teague Whalen and I am thrilled to announce that I will be beginning my contribution to such a storied and influential lacrosse media platform.

Growing up on the mean streets of Norwalk, Connecticut I know my way around the game of lacrosse. By this I mean I’ve been waxed by enough Darien, New Canaan and Greenwich kids to have a slight understanding of the game. I am a recent graduate of Elon University class of 2020 where I played with Brody, Shears (a strong father figure in my life) and O’Rourke my freshman year. I played close defense and with a hangover for my collegiate career. In just 22 short years on the planet I’ve made big waves in the lacrosse world. My claims to fame are that one time Casey Powell signed my forehead, Paul Rabil is a LinkedIn connection, and I own a windbreaker that was MSG Varsity’s Quick60 star Mike Quick’s at one point in time. To call myself lacrosse royalty would be a gross understatement

I’ll be bringing a youthful spark and contrarian Gen Z opinions that have been absent thus far. Feel free to follow my Twitter @allhailteague for some pretty lackluster jokes and perpetual whining about Newcastle United. I look forward to contributing to the site and I am very excited about this new partnership.


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