3 Tips for Betting the PLL this Weekend

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the start of the PLL season, which means today marks the first day in history (I could be totally wrong) where you can legally bet on lacrosse!

Draftkings is the official betting partner of the PLL, however, you can also bet through services like William Hill and FanDuel.

So if you’re lacrosse junkie with a slight gambling problem like myself, or you’re just looking to earn a quick buck betting on the creators game, here are 3 tips for betting the PLL this weekend.

We’ve got 3 games lined up this weekend. On Saturday, it’s Redwoods vs. Whipsnakes and Chrome vs. Chaos. On Sunday we have the Atlas vs Waterdogs. Below are the game lines:

via DraftKings

1) DO NOT BET THE SPREAD – Notice the spreads. Each game has the same one. Why? Because there’s not enough data out there to support anything else. For a lot of these teams, their rosters have changed significantly from last year and there’s not enough returning players/data to provide a more accurate gauge. Simply put, my first tip is DO NOT BET SPREADS. We just don’t know enough about each team yet.

2) HAMMER THE OVER IN ATLAS v. WATERDOGS – Why? The Atlas were the worst defensive team in 2019. They gave up 25 goals in their final game and they didn’t really improve much on that end of the field. They’ve added Craig Chick but do not have Tucker Durkin as he’s out due to COVID. Offensively, the Atlas are going to be sneaky good this year. Additions like Rob Pannell, Bryan Costabile, and Romar Dennis provide additional fire power to a team that already had the likes of Ryan Brown, Connor Buczek and Paul Rabil himself. As for the scouting report on the Waterdogs, we can’t look into their 2019 stats bc there are none, but offensively these guys are loaded. The attack of Ryan Drenner, Christian Cuccinello and Ben Reeves will give opposing defenses nightmares. O/U is set for 28.5. It’ll be close but I see 30 goals being scored collectively.

3) REDWOODS MONEYLINE – Maryland beat Notre Dame in the…. I mean the Whipsnakes beat the Redwoods last year in OT to win the Championship. It was an awesome game that featured an incredible comeback by the ‘Woods but in the end 2019 MVP Matt Rambo got top side on Matt Landis and the rest is history. Too bad this time the ‘Woods won’t let history repeat itself. Both teams have added and lost players but I think the ‘Woods’ offense will be too much for the Whipsnakes.

Aight, that’s it for this weekend’s tips. I’m planning on dropping 3 tips every other day so stay tuned.

ps I am not liable for any of your monetary losses

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