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A new challenger approaches!

Hello everyone, My name is CJ Stowell and I am your newest contributor for QuickStick. My original intention was that I should spend some time writing about the only thing I know how to do well, criticizing other people for their opinions on sports topics. Then, when I realized that Stephen A. Smith would not hire me, my next best option was to write about lacrosse, which I do happen to play. So, obviously, I applied for a position with a lacrosse blog, because blogs make people a lot of money, and blogging about lacrosse is currently the most lucrative profession in the sports industry. After I got done donating my salary to the impoverished (because I am a man of the people) I called up the professionals that run QuickStick and asked what I should write about. In all their wisdom, they told me to write about myself, because, “very few people know who you are,” and, “we’re not sure if you know how to write in full sentences.” Well, guys, who speaks illiterate now? 

Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is that Lacrosse is here to stay, which means QuickStick is too. The game is growing at an unprecedented rate, corporate sponsorships are flowing in, and we as fans are lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch two professional lacrosse leagues for almost three straight weeks of action. Drew Brees put it best, “Lacrosse is taking the country by storm… it is the greatest sport.” (I would imbed the tweet, but I have no idea how) Given the increased notoriety of the sport, professionals such as Lyle Thompson, Jules Heninburg, Kyle Harrison, Pat Harberson, and many more are using their platform to promote social change, for the better of society. And I am also using my coming newfound fame, for the betterment of myself and my number of followers on twitter. (@cj_stowell) 

Anyway, I look forward to learning how to do a blog, and if you are reading this, then I figured out how to post this on WordPress. And if you are not reading this, well, you should be. If anything, my motto going forward is going to be, “Varsity Guy. Club Content.” See what I did there? Changing the slogan? Of the company that just hired me? Because I play NCAA lacrosse? Not club? That’s right, I am disrupting the lacrosse blogging industry one post at a time. Also, I think the other contributors to QuickStick will be a lot funnier. Stay tuned, wash your hands, and buy some QuickStick merch. If we have some. I don’t know if we do. We probably don’t. I don’t get anything either way.

Signing off, 


About CJ

Current D1 athlete, former D2 athlete, former former D1 Athlete. I am not profiting materially or immaterially off of my name, image, or likeness - and it's not like I would make any money if I was.

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