The PLL Championship Series So Far

We’ve already seen 6 of the 20 PLL Championship Series games already. Time is flying, I hate it. We’re starting to see teams create their identity in 2020 while others are still working things out. The beauty of this tournament is that all teams advance. The group play games, while important for seeding purposes later on, are mostly built to get each team in the best spot going into the knockout round.

On the topic of teams being in their best form when it matters most, I have to tip my cap to everyone at the PLL, the past four days of lacrosse have been absolutely incredible. Last week the MLL had the spotlight and was a great lead up to this (sorry MLL, not meant to be a burn) but it truly got people refocused on lacrosse again and now all the attention has turned to the PLL.

The Championship Series has been so much fun to watch and follow. Quite frankly I could go on and on about what has made the past 4 days so great, but here’s a quick rundown on what stands out to me the most:

  • Game Production – Not enough people are giving credit where credit is due here. The camera angles, play by play, graphics, THE HOT MICS, everything has been top tier. Not to mention every game so far has been on national TV. I mean, how awesome is that!
  • PLL Social Channels – They’ve set the gold standard for social video content. The quality of these clips is unmatched and the speed in which they shoot, edit and publish minutes after plays happen is ridiculous.
  • Competition – While at times the play has been sloppy (sorta expected early on), every game has been close and come down to the 4th quarter. Just goes to show the parity in the league and how anyone has a chance to win this thing.
  • Passion – The players are here to win and the fire they’re playing with is evident. I’m not even talking about the scrums and chirps that showcase the intensity. Each team knows how pivotal every goal is and how important a strong defensive stand can be. The sidelines mics are also a huge help here, you can hear all the action!
  • No Fans, No Problem – Sorry for this one, but lacrosse isn’t known for generating large crowds outside of the NCAA Tournament and the occasional pro game sellout. In a world with no fans, other sports are suffering when it comes to TV presentation but not lacrosse. Half the time lacrosse games only have one stand full and anyways we love being able to hear players communicate and celebrate goals.
  • Lax Twitter – If somehow you’re reading this and not on Twitter you are seriously missing out. Lax Twitter has been off the charts the past 4 days. Hot takes, funny memes, and various perspectives from active/former players, coaches, fans and various pundits alike. It’s always been a niche community but one that embraces newcomers and veterans with open arms. We’ve been live tweeting games as often as possible and it’s been so fun to engage with everyone.

Cheers to the next 14 games being just as exciting as the first 6!

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